Holiday and Sick Day Mommy and Me Activities For Kids


Spending time with our loved ones is always special. When it comes to your little ones, you want to make the most of each and every day. But it can be tough to think of activities that provide you all with the best benefits.

Weekends are usually full of routine activities, and you’ve more or less got them down. But what about holidays and sick days? You want to make the days enjoyable for your children, engage them and keep them entertained.

If you’re stuck, stressed and feeling a bit lost, take a look at these pointers. They’re simple, easy and very much hassle free.

Bake Away


Baking with your children isn’t an original idea, but it’s very underrated. Not only do you get to spend some quality time with your little ones, but that time is very engaged. Your children get to accomplish something, learn something, and create something too.

Plus, the sweet treat end results are an incentive on their own!

Duvet Day


When the kiddies are poorly, it can be soul destroying. Not only are they in pain (especially with a bug or rash), but you feel helpless when it comes to making them better. But, what you can do, is make them a little more comfortable.

Grab a duvet, blankets, and lots of cushions and teddies and head to the sofa. Create a cosy spot to cuddle up to. Find a site with lists like and work your way through the movies. It’s even a great alternative when the weather is too terrible to go outside and play.

Crafts Corner


Even if you’re not the more creative of people, getting crafty with your children is a whole lot of fun. It’s another activity that allows you to get close to the little ones, guide them and spend quality time with them. You can even choose your crafts wisely. Jewellery making is rewarding and produces something pretty at the end of it. But painting, sewing, scrapbooking and more can have the same effect.

Learn A Lesson


You may pay for a range of lessons for your kids; you may not be able to. Either way, you can turn on your teacher mode and try it yourself. If you’ve got a lot of free time to fill with your children, learn with them. Have a go at teaching them to ride a bike, take them swimming, rollerblading, skateboarding or more. If you’re bilingual, teach them too. It’s fun, educational and an activity that you can both enjoy and feel proud of.

Tiny Tycoon


As a parent, we all want the best for our children. Whether that’s success in sports, love, life or work. It all counts. Preparing them for the highs and lows can be tough, but it is our number one priority. In holidays, spreading entrepreneurial spirit is a fantastic way to prepare your slightly older children (or teens) for life.

We’re not talking work here; part time jobs aren’t exactly a job for the both of you. Just a little activity that you can aid them with; that they’ll gain a lot from. Start a lemonade stand, plan a yard sale, keep chickens. Whichever you choose, you’ll be schooling your offspring in the fundamentals of business and life, even if it doesn’t feel like it.


  1. These are great ideas. Unfortunately, sickness always seems to hit our household this time of year.

  2. Brandi Dawn says:

    We love to do crafts on sick days too! I like the idea of a “Duvet Day”. Movies and cuddling with the puppy are a great way to feel better.

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