Home Repair Essentials – Garage Door Repair

Many of you may do the basic garage door repair by yourself, but when it comes to major troubles, it is essential to call for expert services. There are some simple things to check to ensure well being of your garage door. Some of these tasks may be incredibly easy to do on your own. In any case, closely checking for garage door performance from time to time will ensure optimum safety and flawless performance for long.

There are many issues you may face with your garage doors. For example, a squeaky door may most of the time require a thorough cleaning and lubricating. Some other repairs like fixing a torsion spring or changing a belt may be extremely dangerous, and you should call for professional help in such a case.

Before getting into any repair, ensure that you unplugged the opener from the power source. There is a chance of electrocution if you are fixing garage door with the power supply on. You may be attempting the repair by standing on a ladder, which increases the chance of an electric shock, and fall from a height may also be fatal. Also, wear safety glasses and helmet while using power tools.

Coming up is a list of things you need to check routinely to see if there is a need to call in a professional for garage door repair:

Home Repair Essentials - Garage Door Repair

  • Inspect the metal track for any possible damages

Most of the times, the problems may be related to the wear and tear of the metal track. Check for any dents or bumps on the track. If you find any minor bump, just strike the damaged part with a wood block or hammer to straighten. If you cannot manage it, always call for an expert service.

  • Check if the alignment is correct

If the tracks are not properly aligned, the door may not function properly. It is not necessary to unscrew the metal tracks, but you can simply try and loosen the bolts and screws to realign the track into position. It is ideal to use a level to check the proper alignment of the tracks.

  • Keeping tracks clean and dry

When you check for troubles, always make sure that there is no hardened dirt or lubricant debris left on the tracks. In such cases, the initial task is to thoroughly clean the tracks and dry them properly before attempting any other works. Regular cleaners can be used to keep the tracks clean.

  • Lubricating the track and rollers

Tracks and rollers need lubrication from time to time to function appropriately. You can use silicone spray and common lubricant sprays. Clean and dry the tracks thoroughly before lubricating. Not just the track and rollers, but based on the working principle of your garage door, all moving parts will benefit from lubrication.

However, if you have tried the above steps, and still not getting the problem solved, call for an expert. Do not attempt repairing the torsion spring as it can cause accidents. The injuries may happen by the door hitting the head which may result in severe brain trauma. Expert door repair generally won’t cost you too much, and a professional can surely offer you long-lasting solutions.


Author Bio: Adam Linch is highly experienced in garage door repairs and recently retired. Now he is functioning as garage door repair guide to the new technicians, and he also writes help articles on blogs.


  1. Thanks for going over some tips for garage door repair. I actually didn’t know that tracks should be lubricated often, as well as other moving parts. You mentioned that this should be done from time to time, and I’m interested to know how often this should be done, like if it’s a weekly or a monthly basis.

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