How To Build Baby’s Skin Care Routine In 3 Simple Steps

A newborn child is the most beautiful blessing for any mother. A baby is not less than an angel that God has sent on this earth. If you are a mother and recently gave birth to your newborn angel, then it is extremely essential for you to take care of your baby’s sensitive skin and retain its natural beauty.  We all know that a small baby’s skin is so delicate, smooth and sensitive that you can’t resist touching it. Those little cheeks, minor fingers, and cute toes are just adorable to kiss and to play with.

In order to protect the sensitive skin of your infant, you need to make sure that you follow a healthy skin schedule for your small one. There are numerous things that you need to consider for your baby’s delicate skin care such as products that you are using, baby items that your body consumes and many more. We have come up with the three simple steps that you should follow to keep your lovable skin smooth and healthy. So here we begin:


  • A few showers i.e. twice or thrice a day with Luke warm water is essential for baby skin. The initial and the most crucial step for a perfect child shower are to determine the ideal temperature of water. It should neither be too cold or too hot. Along with this, you can use a good cleanser such as a gentle shampoo or body wash for cleaning the areas such as bums, chubby skin or head of your infant.
  • Also, you should plunge a washcloth in the foamy water and can use a cotton ball for cleaning the face. After bathing, lift baby out of the tub carefully and cover him by a clean towel. While taking out the baby from the tub keep one of your hands under the neck of the baby in order to provide support. Use the other hand to hold the baby from the thighs to give support at the bottom. In this way, your baby will get shielded from getting slipped or get injured.


  • Along with cleansing, to apply the moisturizer immediately after it to prevent the dry skin is necessary. There are various alternative products that you can find in the market to use as a moisturizer such as the creams, lotions, and ointments. To choose the right product with adequate nourishment ingredients is critical to choose for taking care of your infant skin. Weleda provides you with the best products specially made for babies’ skin care that you can trust blindly. However, you should keep this in a mind that you don’t use products containing excessive fragrance as it can lead to the formation of rashes and irritation on the kid’s sensitive skin.
  • In case your child is allergic, then you should be extra careful while selecting the products for your child. Try to avoid antibacterial and deodorant soaps for your infant as this might be harsh for the soft skin. Another important thing you need to keep in mind for your child skin is to apply sunscreen of SPF30 before getting him exposed to the sunlight. It will protect the child delicate skin from getting rashes when coming in contact with sunlight.


  • Changing a diaper frequently is foremost essential for the healthy skin of the baby. After changing the kid diaper, wipe the private parts delicately with the clean infant wipes. Use a diaper cream or Luke warm water and pat it on the base of the baby body. It is always suggestible not to use the scented diapers as they may not fit too cozily and can cause irritation to the baby’s sensitive skin. Give a couple of minutes for the air-dry to get rid of the rashes that might occur due to immediate moisturizer.


So, these were some of the extremely simple steps to build a baby’s skincare routine. By following these steps you can protect your baby skin by any kind of infectivity or harshness.   Proper cleansing, moisturizing and diapering basics are very essential to keep your infant skin healthy and smooth for a longer period. We hope that it would help you to a great extent.

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