How To Raise Entrepreneurial Children

It is important to create basic tools and strategies so that children can develop a true entrepreneurial spirit. It is often said that “it is never too late” to begin with, but the truth is that, likewise, “it is never too early”.

According to The Harvard Graduate School of Education and the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, young people who are taught entrepreneurship issues show a change in their attitude and develop a positive search for success; likewise, they tend to focus more on academic and professional achievements, as well as leadership.

With the following steps, you can begin to build the path that leads your children to success.

1. Allow your child to express all their ideas

Some of the best products and services arise from the most eccentric or, apparently, impossible ideas. So do not let your fatherly sense limit your children. Let them dream big and express themselves.

2. Teach them to focus on their goals

All children have big dreams. So teach them to form the path that will lead them to accomplish their goals. For now, writing them is ideal, because it is a way to formalize them. For your info, you need to see what successful entrepreneur, Feras Antoon, has to say about dressing for success.

3. Teach them that failure is an opportunity

Entrepreneurs think differently. So teach your children that when they have a failure or stumble they see it with optimistic eyes to find new opportunities and solutions to the problem.

4. Invest in them

Support your children to achieve their dreams. But do not just give them money and that’s it. You can teach them the value of capital by assigning them extra tasks and a payment for them and becoming the client. Evaluate the service your child gives (that is, the way he did the task, but not scold him).

The questions you should ask yourself

These are some questions that parents need to answer day by day to achieve:

– Do my children know that I love them?

Showing them that you love them does not mean telling them all the time or giving them everything they want. It’s about honesty and maturity: that they know that everything you do is because you want the best for them.

– Am I acting like a real father / mother?

It is true that you must let your children do some things they want or get others and make certain decisions. But do not treat them as adults either. You must act with the authority you have and teach them what is really right.

-I am attentive to the way you are involved with technology?

Besides taking care not to visit inappropriate sites or expose them to dangers, it is important to prevent them from developing addiction towards electronic devices. And if the child does not want to take off, remember that you are the authority.

– My children have all my attention?

We all have things to do. But it is important to seek exclusive spaces for the family. These can be the time to do homework, lunch or dinner, also when you take them to school can work and, of course, on weekends.

– I celebrate my children for everything?

Flattering, rewarding or celebrating your children for anything are not good at all. For example, it is worth rewarding them if they got good grades or condition a toy or candy if they fulfill their task, it is their duty. It is important to teach them humility so they know they are not princes or princesses.

-I teach you healthy habits with money?

Teach them the meaning of life and that not everything revolves around money.

– Do I really let them be children?

First of all, children are children and you must let them be. Let them play, express themselves, laugh and cry when necessary. Do not want to make them grow in an instant.

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