How To Start An Online Store From The Comfort Of Your Home

For most moms, starting a business from home has always seemed like a pipe dream. As you’re busy with the kids, keeping up with the house, and any other work that needs to get done, it doesn’t even seem feasible at times to start a business, but rather something of a fantasy. However, with the right strategy in buckling down, not only is this much easier than you might imagine, but the perfect outlet to relieve stress. That’s why today we’re going to walk you through a few steps on how:

It Starts With Your Passions

If you’re going to be starting a business from home, then it needs to be started with passion. Although we’d love to promise you a serious income while you sleep, that’s going to take months, if not years to make. Furthermore, the business you’re aiming to start should be something that you genuinely want to see as a contribution to the world, specifically something that you, yourself, would buy. However, first, that comes with asking yourself what also would make money.

Start brainstorming some ideas on online stores you would not only shop at but serves a need no one else is. According to Entrepreneur, 42 percent of businesses fail because there’s no market need for their product or service, which is why going after an industry you know is important. Although your store’s concept doesn’t need to be groundbreaking, it does need to serve a specific need that you know others will gravitate towards. Focus on curation, as that what will be what not only gets someone to come in but possibly fill up their cart as well.

Create Your Budget

After establishing the foundation of what your store will be, it’s time to talk about the budget. According to Business News Daily, it cost approximately $3,000 to start a business at home, which while that’s not a crazy number, is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, if you’re not creating a budget you can stick to, you run the risk of never getting things off the ground.

Make a spreadsheet of all the items you’re going to need for your at home business, no matter how big or small. This includes the practicalities such as establishing an LLC, your brand, assessing your inventory strategy, or even what type of eCommerce platform you’re going to use. Be mindful to budget for incidentals as well, such as chargebacks and fraud, as well as if plan on paying for any advertising or marketing up front. Remember, it’s better to over-prepare here than under, so be patient with your approach in making sure you cross every ‘T’ and dot every ‘i.’

Learn How To Market

With a little bit of a foundation in place, your next steps should be telling the world that you’re here. Given you’re launching an online store, your primary medium is going to be digital marketing, which the eventual goal should be to create a pipeline from discovery to purchase.

An excellent example of creating a pipeline is with Instagram. As noted by Hootsuite, 80 percent of users on Instagram follow a brand, which means they’re much more apt to comment and like back and forth with a brand on the platform, providing both engagement and visibility. When you combine consistent feedback with the ability to make Instagram sales directly, this is an excellent way to generate revenue and one you should include in your mix.

Beyond just Instagram, also explore other social media mediums in your industry as well, keeping your pipeline in mind. Additionally, it might not be a bad idea to read up on practices like SEO and email marketing as these both can be excellent tools for promoting your inventory and brand as well. Regardless though of the medium, your main goal should be to cultivate a community over time that encapsulates the core mission of your brand.

Keep Consistent With Your Outreach

Finally, as you keep the gears turning, don’t slack on your outreach. Although it’s not always the most fun habit to develop, consistently being active on your digital marketing channels and engaging with your customers is vital to your future success. According to LucidPress, brands that are consistently presented see increased revenue by 23 percent, which numbers like that can make a world of difference. Plus, as an industry you’re passionate about, outreach will become second nature, lending you a certain sense of success for a long time.

What steps are you taking to launch a store from home?

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