How to Use Your Sous-Vide Tool to Save Time and Money

Most restaurant owners and individuals would be happy to save time and money when cooking. For that reason and many others, most chefs have discovered that sous vide cooking is the best and effective way to achieve that. In this post, I have shared some of the important ways sous vide can save time and overhead costs, whether at home or at the restaurant.

Continue reading to learn more about the sous vide cooking method and how it can be beneficial to your kitchen.

How to Use Your Sous-Vide Tool to Save Time and Money

What is Sous Vide?

Sous vide is a French word that means “under vacuum” and is a cooking technique where food is vacuum-sealed and then placed in a hot water bath and heated to certain controlled temperatures.

The good thing about sous vide is that it uses precise temperature control to cook food with precision. According to, this cooking method can cook a range of foods from steak to fish and more and can be used by anyone in the kitchen.

Although you will spend some money to buy sous vide equipment, this cooking method can save you time and money in the long run.

Here are a few ways sous vide can save you time and money.

  • Little or no Wastage in Cooking

If you are like me then you must admit that you make a lot of mistakes when cooking that ends up making you end up with overcooked or dry food, especially when cooking meat through your regular kitchen appliances. With sous vide tool you can cook even the difficult cuts without having to worry about overcooking or undercooking. You just need to set the required temperature for the pieces of meat and let the cooking be done. If you are cooking a medium-rare steak, you can set the sous vide machine to 134°F so that you get juicy pieces of steak that are not dry or undercooked.

  • Cooking in Bulk

With sous vide cooking, you can cook plenty of cuts of meat and store them safely in your fridge to eat later.This means you can cook you can eat for the entire week, thus saving the money you could have spent to buy fast foods.

Remember, although cooking in bulk can save you a lot of money, you need to be careful not to buy more than you can store in the fridge.

  • Less Energy Consumption

Sous vide tool is easy to use by almost everyone and does not consume more energy to cook food. Once you set the temperature and the water is heated to the set degrees, the machine uses less energy to keep the food hot.

Benefits of Cooking Sous Vide

Sous vide cooking involves the use of heated water to cook food! Sounds amazing?

It is true that this method of cooking sounds odd, but the benefits you can obtain from it are countless. For instance, it delivers food that is safe and has a higher taste quality.The fact that you are able to control heat and temperature throughout the cooking also eliminates the worries of getting under or overcooked food.

That said, there are other benefits you can obtain when using the sous vide cooking method as mentioned below.

  • It Requires Little or no Supervision

Unlike traditional cooking techniques where you will need to stand in front of the fire and the pot to prevent overcooking, sous vide allows you to pack your food in the pouches, put it in the hot water bath, set the timer and temperature and let the machine do the cooking. The machine will cook the food to perfection so you will not need to involve too much of your hands.

  • Reduced Prep Time

With sous vide cooking, you can prepare food in advance and then heat it before you serve. The good thing about sous vide is that it can be used to cook advanced meals. Once you are done with the cooking, you can then safely store the food in the refrigerator for future use. You will just need to reheat the food before serving.

  • Last but not least……

Sous vide cooking prevent overcooking. When using traditional methods of cooking, food is cooked within a shorter time and it’s impossible to tell the time required. This means there are higher chances if overcooking the food than with sous vide cooking where you set the required time and temperature for cooking food.

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