How to Keep Your Feet on The Ground After a Fire Fiasco at Home

Fire, flood and similar disasters are sudden, unwanted, yet very real in every homeowner’s life. With the rates of storms and floods increasing, the risks of short-circuits and an electrical fire are increasing as well. You can never be too careful about these disasters or be too confident that your home is thoroughly disaster-proof.

Unless you have faced any of these perilous situations before, it might be difficult for you to imagine the emotional and physical stress one has to go through to restore their homes to their lost glory. Most of the times, fire leaves an indelible mark on homes, be it apartments or personal residences. It is indeed an emotional time for the residents who cannot help but go over their losses in the natural or human-made disaster.

Get in touch with reality

Having a restoration service agent by your side can help you analyze the gravity of the situation. You can get a realistic estimate of your losses, a good idea about how to approach your insurance company for the damages and to get a glimmer of hope in the rather messed up situation. Choosing the right fire and water damage restoration service can make all the difference in your future and the valuation of your real estate. Check this fire restoration company out for their remarkable service in the area for the last few years.

Restoration means cleaning soot and ashes too

Water may leave behind humidity and mold, but fire leaves out a different kind of problem – ash, and soot. They can creep into unreachable parts of your home and hide there for decades until you realtor comes to evaluate your home for a sale. If you are worried about your home equity value or resale value, you need to call a fire restoration service after the fire department pulls out of the scene. Expert technicians and engineers can find out where all the ash and soot accumulated during the fire to clean them out thoroughly.

Get rid of the smoke smell ASAP

The smell of burning furniture and drapery is one that sticks to your mind long enough. Now, you do not need a reminder of the disaster every time you walk into your home. A house fire can leave behind copious amounts of acrid smell. It happens because the wood, wallpaper, surviving drapes, and furniture absorb the smell. If you do not want professional cleanup service, you may even have to throw out your old things and invest in refurbishing your entire household. That is a bit too much to get rid of just the smell.  

A good restoration company will get rid of everything the flame touched including etched glass, soot-covered wallpapers, scorched drapes and floor mats. Varnished hardwood floors are especially vulnerable to flames. Your fire restoration company should be able to replace the flooring without damaging the walls and support any further.

Taking care of the water damage as well

A huge side effect of the fire department stepping in a dousing the fire is water damage inside the house. The jet stream of water can tear drapes, wallpapers and sometimes bring down walls, which the fire has already touched. It welcomes humidity problems and mold. It also poses a much more serious threat – loss of electrical insulation. That is why you should never step into your home immediately after the fire truck leaves the scene. You should let your restoration company professionals do the damage assessment and confirm the safety of the house before you can make it your home again.

Always trust a company that does their own restoration work

This work can take several days. Your insurance should cover the cost of living at a hotel or a motel. Alternatively, you can bunk at a friend’s place until the officials restore the safety and integrity of your home completely. The responsibility of the restoration company is a big one. They need to ensure the homeowner’s safety along with the restoration of the real estate value of the property.

Always insist on working with a company that has previous experience in removing fire damage, debris, ash and soot from the site of the incident. Look for client feedback, both positive and negative to get a real image of your chosen company. Some companies do not have all the equipment it takes to restore fire damage and clean up the water damage caused by the drenching. A few companies expedite the process by outsourcing various parts of it to other smaller agencies. That is something you should not trust. Getting quality work and guarantee for restoration from such companies is rather hard. Only trust professionals to stand inside your home and evaluate how safe it is for you and your family.


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