How to Keep Your Wedding Drama-Free

How to Keep Your Wedding Drama-Free

You might be able to control many things about your wedding day, but you cannot control the drama level simply because people’s emotions are unpredictable. Whether you are trying to find a vendor, caterer, or looking for dresses for your bridesmaids, you might find yourself knee-deep in wedding drama.

If you want your wedding to be drama-free and prevent yourself from becoming extremely agitated, here are some useful tips:

Plan Ahead

The more you make plans, the less likely you are to face uncertainties as your wedding day draws near. You need to plan your itinerary in advance to avoid running into unexpected problems.

For instance, do you want to improve your bust or derriere for a better figure? Consider undergoing a cosmetic procedure months before the big day. For more details on the best time to do this, do some online research.


Make sure your bridesmaids and other vendors are on board with your plans.

Be Organized

You need to keep all your documents handy so you can get them easily. You should have hardcopy and digital copies of your documents with you. If you need to double check something or you have a few questions, your documents will be at the palm of your hands.


Are you one of those people who are not good at keeping track of your documents? You need to get an organizer for all your files.

Avoid Your Phone

Although you might feel the urge to cling to your cell phone on the big day, resist it. Ditching your phone is the best way to avoid stress that can be brought on by social media and unwanted text messages. Consider turning off your phone on the big day.


If you are expecting an important message, give your phone to a trusted friend, who can go through your messages and only mention the important ones. Some brides like to keep their phones close by for a few selfies. However, opt for a digital camera instead, if taking photos is the only reason you have your phone with you.

Delegate Tasks

By delegating tasks to other people, you are less likely to encounter drama yourself. Assign some tasks to your friends, family, and wedding vendors. This way, you will not have to deal with most things yourself.

Consider Your Guest List

Before you mail the invitations to your guests, look at your guest list again and take off people who attract drama everywhere they go. Only invite the people who want to help you celebrate your big day without feeling the need to steal your spotlight by wearing a white bridal gown for your wedding for example.


If you do not want to invite someone, there is no need to be ruthless – be nice about it. Do not let your family members pressure you into inviting someone you do not want to invite.

Ignore The Drama That Comes Your Way

If people try to bring their problems to you on your big day, ignore them, especially the guests who complain about not getting along with others. Extricate yourself from such conversations and enjoy your party.

Find Some Alone Time

You need to spend some time alone on the morning of your wedding because that is the only time you will get to yourself. If your bridal party is arguing and stressing you about things that are unimportant, you need to take a walk. If you can only go to a different room, do it because it might be your only chance.

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