Keeping Kids Comfy at Home

Our children are so special to us, all we want to do is wrap them up in cotton wool and keep them safe! While that might not be a possibility, we can make sure they’re kept comfy and cozy at home, and ensure that it’s a real sanctuary for them to relax, play and learn. Here’s how you can go about it.


Get the temperature right

When you have little ones in the house, you need to make sure the temperature is right. It needs to be cool enough in summer and warm enough in winter. As an adult, you might be happy to make do by sitting in front of a fan in a heatwave or putting an extra jumper on in winter, but children will struggle if it’s not kept ambient. When it comes to babies, the wrong temperature can even lead to sudden death, so this is something that needs to be right. A good central heating system will keep your home warm in winter, if you link it up to a smart home system then it will be easier than ever to keep the temperature right. For the summer months, consider having an air conditioning unit fitted- you’ll be glad you did when your location is struck by a heatwave! You can get free ac estimates so it’s easy to price things up and work out what you can afford.

Invest in cozy pajamas/ play clothes

Kids clothes should never be restrictive, but when they’re at home you want them to be able to move around and play and be as comfy as possible. Purchasing some nice pajamas or lounge wear for them to mess around in at home is a smart move. Something with an elasticated waist and with some stretch in will give them full range of movement. They don’t need to be expensive, as these are things that might get ruined when they’re baking with you, doing crafts and playing. But do choose fabrics that feel soft against the skin.

Upgrade their bed

As children are so light, it’s tempting to want to choose a cheaper mattress for them. However, as with your own bed, it’s always worth getting the best you can afford. A good mattress will support their body avoiding pain and pressure points. It will prevent them from tossing and turning to get comfortable which can disrupt sleep, and will generally be much more pleasant to sleep in. Finish with soft sheets with a high thread count, a duvet thickness that’s suitable for the time of year and a child’s pillow. Adult pillows can be too high for children and give them a bad neck.

Buy a large, comfortable rug

Kids tend to spend a lot of time on the floor, playing made up games, doing puzzles, crafts and more. And so a nice, comfy rug in the middle of your family room will enable them to relax and play without having to sit on a cold, hard floor. Go with something that’s easy to vacuum and easy to clean, as chances are it will need doing regularly!

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