Lavish Life and Alabama Beaches

A view of Orange Beach, Alabama.

A view of Orange Beach, Alabama.

After the need is satisfied we go for luxury, if you want to live a luxurious lifestyle in warm weather, then Orange Beach Alabama is a place of your dreams whereby the beach there are many luxury condos for sale. The interior of these condos is designed with the socializing mind.

Condos offered here are elegant and cozy, and there are a number of amenities available and some of the facilities for public are:

At the main lobby level there is:

  • Community Room
  • Game Room
  • Golf Simulator
  • These have indoor bars with restaurant style seating and TV
  • There is big pool with a mighty 24 feet high water slide
  • There is hot tub of 384 sq. ft. and long waterfall
  • Pools have cabanas along with bathrooms
  • Wet bar
  • Dining area
  • Living room
  • Private outdoor sitting area
  • Gas grill on pool deck
  • Long lazy river encircling condominium tower
  • Swim-up Bar in the lazy river
  • Two 18 feet high water slides
  • Playground Area
  • Vortex Pool
  • Fitness Room
  • Restaurant with outdoor deck seating
  • Spa with nails and hair saloon
  • Indoor pool with 16 feet high slide

Features in End Units:

The real essence of living in luxury means when you find everything under a single roof and with a fantastic view of the gulf in front of your eyes. The long list of luxuries do not end here there are many other features which are available in each unit and those are:

  • Six-burner gas cooktop
  • Gas grill and sink on balcony
  • Gas fireplace in bedroom
  • Gas fireplace in dining room
  • Gas fireplace in the master room as well.
  • Pantry
  • Laundry
  • Direct access to laundry room from master closet
  • Prep Sinks
  • Double oven with steam and microwave
  • Two dishwashers each

The Luxurious Community:

Not only the condos are lavish, and opulence but the building has its features which easy enough to find notable it’s just like a whole community with splendid lifestyle.

  • There are three covered parking spaces per unit; two covered parking per interior unit
  • Gated parking garage for each unit
  • There are walking paths and crosswalks for easy access to shopping, dining
  • There are other multiple services available too which include check-in desk, management desk, and real state desk
  • 24/7 guards which provide guest access to visitors
  • Glassed-in elevators with waterfall feature
  • For deliveries and move-ins there is dedicated space for truck parking
  • To reduce travel time and wait for Destination Control System is emplaced in five elevators
  • There is secured access to elevators granted by wristband/access card of the owner.
  • There are dedicated elevators for staff of the building, deliveries and furniture moving
  • To ensure unlimited supply of hot water Redundant Water Boiler System is installed
  • The whole building is positively pressurized which include control of humidity smoke control
  • Power bills are reduced by long cooling towers on roof
  • There are multiple trash chutes for proper distribution in dumpster

All these facilities can be acquired in an affordable price range, and you can enjoy your time in leisure at Orange Beach Condos. Such a lavish and deluxe life is waiting for you, these condos are magnificent of their kind and will leave you will have awful memories while the high-class executive style living will tempt you all the time. The broad and fancy view of the Gulf will stay in your heart year by year.


  1. jennifer corrado says:

    I live in Ohio and I’m hoping this year to take my kids to Florida or Myrtle Beach! They want to see the ocean!

  2. denise low says:

    Thank you for sharing. We have never been to the beach in Alabama. We will someday.

  3. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    Thank you for sharing. I have never been to Alabama before. I would love to visit the beach there. This sounds so nice.

  4. Wow oh wow, this place sounds amazing. I have not been to the beaches of Alabama, but sure would love to. Now that I read this I might have to make plans!

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