What to Look for in Anti-Aging Products

Over the past few years there has been a lot of controversy over various claims made by manufacturers of anti-aging products and so some women are reluctant to try anything at all. Sadly, this can be a mistake because leading experts in the field of dermatology have found that some products really do what they claim to do. However, it is important to know what you are looking for in an anti-aging cream and the price tag doesn’t necessarily equate to efficacy.

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Know Your Ingredients

Of ultimate importance are the ingredients an anti-aging cream is formulated with. According to experts in the field and as outlined on the Livestrong website, you can trust that any product with active ingredients like:

  • Peptides
  • Alpha hydroxy acids
  • Retinoids
  • Hydroquinone
  • Salicylic acid

Ample scientific studies have authenticated their effectiveness in reducing the visible signs of aging. Also, each of those ingredients have been tested under laboratory conditions and in clinical trials. Your key takeaway here is that only anti-aging products with active ingredients are worth consideration.

What Others Are Saying

Once you have read the label and have found what you are looking for in terms of active ingredients, it’s time to start looking at what others are saying. It’s time to read reviews from people who have tried those products and find unbiased reviews based on research on trustworthy review sites. For example, a review on the active ingredients in Dermaset reveals that there are four amazingly effective peptides in the formulation which include Argeriliene, Chromobright, Dermaxyl and Matrixyl 3000. Not only have you found an authentic unbiased review, but you have also found a product worth looking into some more because it has four peptides found to be effective in anti-aging creams.

Cost vs. Quality

Unless cost is truly an issue, you should never judge one product over another based on cost alone. Some anti-aging products on the market are way overpriced and have little to recommend but a trendy name and an overly high price tag. It’s amazing how American consumers think that price is somehow relative to efficacy. It isn’t the case! You can find moderately priced anti-aging formulations like the above mentioned Dermaset that are more effective but cheaper than some of those products endorsed by Hollywood celebs. Bear in mind they get paid handsomely for that endorsement!

In the Last Analysis

In the end, there are really two things, other than your skin type and any allergies you may have, which would be what others are saying and those all-important active ingredients. Even then, don’t be led astray because a label says ‘active ingredients’ because not all active ingredients are as effective as others in reducing the signs of aging. Some of those active ingredients may be beneficial for other skin care related issues which puts them under the radar with the FDA but may not be effective as an anti-aging ingredient either.

Don’t let cost sway your better judgement because often cost has no bearing on efficacy. Both cheap and expensive products work, as is evidenced by generic drugs, so choose wisely and your skin will appear younger if you use that product as directed.


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