Make a Fashion Statement with Your Favorite Movie Costume this Halloween

With Halloween around the corner, don’t be clueless when it comes to fashion, beauty and dressing up. You can rock this year’s Halloween with your favorite movie or movie character costume. Get inspiration from the top rated movies or better yet, get inspiration from movies that were popular a few decades ago.

Make a Fashion Statement with Your Favorite Movie Costume this Halloween

Basically, what keeps you glued to your television is a great inspiration for Halloween dress up. Imagine yourself dressed up as the legendary Harry Potter (or a character of your choice).Wouldn’t that be brilliant? Therefore, start shopping for your best movie costumes before the D-day.

As much as people tend to make their own costumes, going online and choosing your Halloween costume is time and energy saving. Therefore, if you are too busy to make your own costumes, worry not. Here is an exclusive guideline to choosing the best movie costume for Halloween. Read on and shop to your satisfaction.

  • Have an idea of what you want – This is one very important tip for every online shopper. Never go shopping without a clue of what it is you are buying. This might cause impulse buying, something that could make you overspend. Therefore, think through the idea and decide on which movie costume to go for.


  • Be creative – As much as you are getting inspiration from your TV screen, don’t lose your sense of creativity. Fashion and beauty is all about creativity and innovation, especially for festivals like Halloween. To ensure that your choice of costumes speaks out creativity, ensure that you accessorize well. As long as you don’t lose the beauty and fashion sense associated with Halloween, there is nothing like under dressing or over dressing for Halloween.


  • Be unique – It might be difficult to have a unique Halloween costume, especially in this day and age where people are into movies and cartoon characters. However, did you know that going back to the 80’s and 90’s might just be the right deal? Going back in time and choosing a costume inspired by a movie that hit decades ago would be a wonderful idea.  


  • Budget wisely – As much as Halloween is one of the most awaited celebrations every year, it is only wise that you spend according to your means. The best way to ensure that you stick to your set budget is by ensuring that you shop early enough. For instance, if you want to find the best costume at a good price, the time to start shopping is now. This is because, when the demand is not high, the prices are reasonable. If you wait until the last minute to start shopping for a Halloween costume, you will probably end up spending a fortune on it.


Lastly, your hair, makeup and other accessoriescontribute a whole lot to your overall look. Therefore, choose makeup and accessories that complement yourcostume. With so many movies on our screens, you will sure get a cool movie costume this Halloween. So, be ready to dress up like your favourite character and stand out this year.



Harry Parker is a costume designer. He is also a professional fashion blogger and has been doing it for 2 years now. For more information about movie costumes, visit his blog. 

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