Making Your Kids the Ultimate Cool Hide-Out

If you look back upon your childhood, you surely recall a special space in your home or garden that was all yours. Kids like to feel in charge of their own space and to give free rein to their imagination. If you are excited about giving your home new life for the summer and you’d like to create a special place in which kids can feel entertained and stimulated during the many free hours of the day, why not build them their very own den or hide-out; a place their friends and cousins will love to visit for games, entertainment, and of course, snacks and some refreshing lemonade.

Hide-Outs for Adventurous Kids

When it comes to creating the perfect hideout for your child, personalization is key. Every child has different hobbies and interests, and their special nook should enable them to take part in these activities. Children who love the adventurous outdoorsy life will probably fall madly in love with an outdoor cabin. In this case, the fun will begin with building the cabin itself. If you aren’t the most seasoned carpenter in your circle, cabin kits with pre-cut pieces will enable you to easily put together a small cabin for kids. Get your child involved in the construction if they are old enough; the sensation of spending time in a cabin or treehouse they have built from scratch will certainly be priceless.

Catering to the Little Music Lover

If you have a spare room in the home or a large enough basement space, you can easily design the ultimate music recording studio for your little ones. Cover the walls with empty egg cartons, fill the room with musical instruments (think a small electric piano, flutes, and drums), and purchase simple recording equipment (including a microphone and a basic computer for recording). Older kids will benefit from a digital audio workstation (a small machine that can be used to edit and mix music). Headphones are key to keep noise levels down; kids can listen to music on their computer or electric piano/organ without the whole family having to do the same.

Building a Library for Bookworms

If your current ‘den’ or second living room isn’t being put to full use, why not create a library with both visual and audio material for kids to enjoy when they need a little ‘me’ time? Avid readers will love getting their hands on physical books, but if space is an issue, your little one can use an electronic reading device. The room should have a sound system for ambient music, good lighting, and a comfy sofa. Think a gorgeous Chesterfield or extra-large beanbags and cushions for kids to lie on while frantically turning the pages of the latest Harry Potter book. This room will also be a lovely space for parents and kids to read together or talk about their favorite books.

We have mentioned just three ideas for children’s nooks but the ideal one for your child is the stuff their own dreams are made of. Whether your child is into arts and crafts or sewing and cooking, they will love a space they can call their own. Their bedroom should ideally be uncluttered and simple in design, but their own private den? Well, that can be as fantastical as a Lewis Carroll book!

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