How Many Types of Tequila Can There Really Be?

There is no denying the facts. Tequila drinks are pretty much an inevitability at any cantina that serves up flavorful mexican cuisine and strong cocktails. Take Borracha, a Henderson Restaurant that serves up a mind blowing list of tequila options and tasty treats.

There are quite a few different varieties of tequila, ranging in color from water-clear to copper, and prepared through various different methods of aging. Were gonna take a look at the most popular brands of tequila in 2017 and give you the rundown on this staple spirit of mexican culture.

Don Julio

At number 1 on our list is the 2017 best-seller, Don Julio. Founded in 1942 by Don Julio Gonzalez-Frausto Estrada, Don Julio is not only one of the largest tequila distilleries, but also one of the most widely known brands of tequila in the U.S. and abroad.

This tequila is available in several different varieties, the most popular being the unaged Blanco. Reposado and Anejo are also popular varieties available from this distiller


Calle 23

Second on our list is Calle 23. It was the second best selling brand of tequila in 2017. The company’s motto is “Tequila is a tradition, a way of life.”  This tequila is made using only the finest blue agave from the Los Altos de Jalisco zone, where dry periods followed by strong rains create an environment rich in minerals that is perfect for tequila production.

This white tequila is quickly becoming a popular favorite in the United States, Mexico and Canada.



Coming in at number 3 on our list is Ocho. This popular tequila is made in small batches, using traditional slow-distilling methods, making every batch unique and truly one of a kind. Each bottle gives the date of production and exact location where the agave was picked, making it the first tequila brand to do so.

This distiller has grown organically from the ground up, and continues to maintain a tradition of integrity and transparency, both in color and in business practice.



Sliding in at number four on our list is Tapatio. This tequila derives its name from a common term for a man from Guadalajara. This tequila is produced using time tested methods and a double distillation process that give it a very natural flavor profile. Tapatio has all the hallmarks that make for distinctive and consistent quality.

This brand dates back to the 1800s, and continues its tradition of excellence to this day.



The fifth contender on our list is a favorite among tequila fans. Patron was originally produced at Casa 7 Leguas, one of mexico’s oldest tequila distilleries. This tequila is made with a focus on “taste and sophistication” and is an altogether premium product.

This tequila has even been endorsed by quite a few celebrities, including notable actors, musicians and recording artists.



Number six on our list is Cabeza, a single estate tequila that is made at El Ranchita Distillery using agave plants grown without the use of pesticides by the Vivanco family, who have worked the land and farmed the plant for five generations.

The flagship of this brand, Cabeza Blanco has an ABV content of 43 percent and is made using champagne yeasts for a distinctive quality that makes it a truly unique tequila, and a favorite among tequila drinkers.


Jose Cuervo

At number seven is one of the most popular brands of tequila both in Mexico and abroad. The company is owned and operated by relatives of  Don Jose Antonio de Cuervo himself. The most popular variety in this family of tequilas is the amber colored reposado.

This brand became popular in the 40’s following the repeal of prohibition, during which time it became a commonly smuggled commodity by bootleggers bringing liquor to the US from south of the border. Today it is a household name and an altogether consistent product.



Herradura was founded in 1870 by Felix Lopez, and was a family owned and operated business for more than 100 years before being acquired by the Brown-Forman Distillery. This tequila is the best selling tequila in mexico and is very popular in the united states as well.

Herradura also produces Blanco, Blanco Suave, Reposado, Antiguo, Anejo, and Seleccion Suprema, aged for an impressive 49 months in barrel.



Number ten on our list is Espolon tequila. It derives its name from the spanish word for “spur” and definitely kicks like a horse. This premium tequila ihas no fillers or colorings added to this 100 percent natural, estate-bottled tequila.

It’s easy to see why this brand is so popular. It’s just that good.



Whether you like to sip it straight or enjoy a jalapeno and cilantro infused margarita with a salted rim, try one of these great brands the next time you visit your local cantina or liquor store.

What is your preferred tequila? How do you like to drink it? Is there any particular reason you prefer it over other brands? Leave us a comment and let us know your opinion in the comments below.


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