Modern Locksmith Insights: Keeping Your Valuable People and Possessions Under Lock and Key

Could your valuables be under lock and key yet remain vulnerable to thieves and other threats? Those who move into new homes as well as people renting apartments mostly rely on the expertise of contractors, existing locks, and barriers to entry. Perhaps a number of modern locksmith insights will shed light as to whether you’re presently safe or unfortunately waiting for a clever burglar to come along. As you’ll come to see, a good locksmith is for life.


Door and Lock Analysis

Your doors are fit with latch locks but does the sliding metal extend far enough? You moved into a new home and noticed a few areas where the contractor did not show great attention to detail. While he is not a swindler, sloppy work and improper alignment of door and lock parts could expose your family to intrusion. A locksmith has the experience and knowledge to identify sloppy work, broken parts, and locks that will do a poor job in keeping intruders out.


General Practitioners Refer Specialists

In medicine, a general practitioner is trained enough in many areas to know that you should see a specialist in some cases. From there, a person who has studied more deeply and mastered knowledge related to an area of the body provides optimal care. Why should your home security be different? It’s likely your contractor fitted the new home with sufficient yet cost efficient products – your locks included. Think of them like a general practitioner but not a master electrician, plumber, or locksmith. If you want the best, you need a specialist. Ready to find one? Search for ‘find a locksmith near me.’


Thieves Use Windows Too

Some professional locksmiths are very knowledgeable about another option for thieves, your home’s windows. Thieves are well aware of their options and often use windows due to the vulnerability of existing locks and inner components. Why draw attention in trying to finagle inside the front door when a clever thief can creep around the side or back of the home and jostle a window open? Windows are among the most fragile points of entry. Aside from windows, an experienced locksmith can lend a hand in making your vehicle better protected too. Your dealership falls into the ‘general practitioner’ category as well.


Keep the Locks but Change the Keys

Over the years, you’ve lent keys to friends who came to visit for the weekend, the kids when they were still in high school, the gardener from two years ago, and maybe the pool service person who is no longer in business. It’s not uncommon to lose track of keys and owners, but it should be addressed by getting existing locks rekeyed. A locksmith can provide you with new keys unique to the interior of old locks. It’s a relief for empty nesters who don’t like the idea of having so many doors with the same locks for years or even decades.


Locksmiths Have Seen the Worst and Know the Best

Locksmiths have extended knowledge of burglaries and break-ins. They’re not aspiring police officers, though some retired cops do become locksmiths. Locksmiths are usually present during the aftermath when homeowners feel violated and in part guilty. Locksmiths can identify shoddy parts or poor workmanship. Additionally, they can show you ways to improve present security and make it harder or near impossible for break-ins to happen. Locksmiths observe habits and methods of thieves, which expands their own knowledge of home security.


Knowledge Beyond Metal and Doors

Traditionally, locksmiths had superior knowledge of keys, locks, and related hardware. Today, locksmiths expand their knowledge base to include varied types of home security like automated systems and high-tech devices. For example, the Ring is available to the public and entails a simple DIY project for operation. This could make for a great security solution for those who are widowers and want to see visitors via their phone versus approaching the door. A modern day locksmith can introduce such solutions and more.


Quick and Efficient in Emergencies

While locks provide a whole lot of psychological insurance, homeowners could go decades or their entire lives without actually ‘needing’ locks. Meaning, theoretically, if no one ever intruded the space then the locks were just added assurance. However, consider what would happen if your teen tells you that they’ve lost their keys, which was with their ID that had the home’s address on it. A diligent parent would quickly call an experienced locksmith who could come out the same day and ensure the locks were changed, making the home secure by nightfall.


Lydia James is a security officer who loves to help people stay safer. You can read her articles on various lifestyle and family websites.

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