More Than Camo: 8 Ways to Glam Up Your Hunting Wardrobe

There’s nothing better than spending a day in the fresh air in pursuit of a trophy hunt, especially if you feel fabulous. If you’re a hunter on a mission to nab a big buck and take some cute photos for Insta, then you’ll love our list of hunting style ideas below! One word of note, though: Be sure that you don’t usurp your safety apparel—including orange clothing, as it may be required by your state—in favor of less-safe styles that could put you at risk. The key is to strike a good balance between safe, sensible and stylish. Master this and you’ll be right on target, so to speak.


  1. Sport a Quilted Vest—Want to add a preppy feel to your hunting look? Turn to the British! The quilted vest has long been a staple in the wardrobe of the royal hunter, in part because it’s at once warm, lightweight and good-looking, so it won’t slow you down when you’re in the middle of a high-stakes hunt. The vest, versatile enough to toss on or take off while you’re out in the field, is an ideal choice for those who hunt in the South, when temps can still be warm well into fall deer season. For some two-for-one style, grab a reversible quilted vest that has cute quilting on one side and plaid on the other. It’s a win-win situation.
  2. Rock Some Riding Boots—Another nod to outdoorsy Brits, the riding boot (otherwise known as the field boot) brings some additional prestige and classiness to your fresh-air getup. These boots are synonymous with equestrian style but were actually originally worn by high-ranked horseback hunters in England. The nearly knee-high silhouette helps keep out mud, dirt and snow when you’re tracking your target. These days, you’ll find field boots all over fast fashion, but they’re often made of cheap, subpar materials. Make sure you invest in waterproof, protective boots if you intend to wear them on the hunt.
  3. Rock Some Duck Boots—Not a huge fan of the mildly fancy riding boot? You can still achieve the prepared-but-preppy look with a pair of super-cute duck boots that are bit more utilitarian but still very in-vogue. These New England mainstays feature a water-resistant foot portion to keep your feet warm and dry when you’re in the weeds, plus a casual lace-up style so they’re comfortable and secure on your foot. The best way to rock your duck boots is with some chunky boot socks that add a literal layer of style while keeping your feet and legs totally warm all day.
  4. Choose Tailored Styles—It’s really easy to fall into the routine of rolling out of bed, throwing on your warmest camo and heading to the hunt, even when your apparel isn’t the best fit. Oversized gear can be comfy, but it’s not the cutest or the safest. If you’re wearing a sweatshirt, jacket or pants that are a few sizes too big, you risk tripping, getting caught in your gear or fussing with your clothes when you need to be paying attention. Swap your too-big hunting clothes for styles that are your size for a more intentional and safe style.
  5. Top it Off with a Hat—Don’t go for a hunt without one of the most basic and classic pieces of hunting apparel around: the hat. There are all sorts of directions you can take with the hunter hat angle. Sport a deerstalker á la Sherlock Holmes, a pith helmet like the crazy hunter from Jumanji, a tweed hunting cap like Continental shooters or a red earflap hat in the style of the troubled Holden Caulfield in Catcher in the Rye. To keep it more modern-day, pick out a simple baseball cap or beanie that helps keep your hair neat and out of your eyes.
  6. Layer with Plaid—Next to camo, plaid is probably the pattern we associate the most with the outdoors. Plus, plaid is having a super-huge moment right now, and we’re utterly grateful. Stick with the classic buffalo check plaid if you really want to channel your preppy hunter. The pattern Paul Bunyan made famous was actually invented by everyone’s favorite flannel-maker Woolrich Woolen Mills in Woolrich, Pennsylvania, but is having a mega-comeback over 150 years since its debut. Pile on the plaid layers with your base layers, jackets, vests and hats.
  7. Sport Your Monogram—Have you ever noticed that even the most basic item–like a plain dish towel or a simple white button-up—looks totally to-die-for with a monogram? If you’re into all things  ’grammed, make sure to consider working some monogrammed outerwear into your hunting cache this season. Perhaps you integrate it subtly with a pair of initialed gloves or maybe you make a statement with some monogrammed boots, a monogrammed quilted jacket or a comfy knit sweater. Whatever your ’gram game, we support it wholeheartedly.
  8. Wear Your Orange Proudly—Hunters wear orange because deer can’t distinguish the color, but your co-hunters can. Of course, the high-visibility shade (which is usually required by state law) lets other hunters know when you’re in or near the line of fire to prevent accidents. Orange hunting garb isn’t exactly glamorous on its own, but since you probably have to wear it, you can find ways to glam it up! Find a well-tailored, flattering orange hunting jacket or sport your orange as a vest for some lovely layering.


Style Sensibly On Your Next Hunt

When you put a little bit of thought into your hunting wardrobe, there’s no reason why you can’t nail both posh and practical. The most important part about dressing for any potentially risky outdoor endeavor, though, is to think first about safety—ask yourself if you’ll be warm enough, dry enough and visible enough for other hunters—and then to think about fashion and performance second.  If you can check all of these boxes, you’ve got yourself a photo-worthy hunting look that’ll make you want to get out and hunt!

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