Opal Beads – Complete Information

Opal beads are accessory made out of Opal gemstone. Opal has a wide variety of colors, and if kept polished it keeps on shining.  Opal beads require attention because they are made of Water and Silica. You have to protect it from scratches, dirt and cracking it helps you to look very best. If you have to make some DIY jewelry you can try these beads and make your sets. Similarly, if you are a bead enthusiast or an artisan you can try these beads to craft your art.   

Opal is quite challenging material to make beads of but keeping in mind few things can help out to make these beads. Best colors of Opal gemstone are shown on either face or side of the stone.  It is very rare that your Opal bead has the same color density on each side. So the best choice will be bright color on the side of rough. Opal directional is another consideration it will show high color in   one direction but in the other d direction there will be nothing or say on the half of 360 degree means 180 degrees will be colorful with other reading 180 will be dull.  Color, Pattern, and Clarity plays a vital role in   the pricing of these beads; these beads may have a huge range of hue on the color spectrum. There is a body color of Opal bead a  and some foreground colors, and Opal beads are divided into types on the   based on its background colors, some of these colors are paid well as compared to others. And those play of colors is what for customer pay.       

Patterns of Beads:

The pattern comes next after the color scheme; there are many kinds of design some of them are given below:         

  1. Pinfire
  2. Mosaic
  3. Sweeping Reddish Band
  4. Peacock

There are dead spots in these patterns on opal beads too; the buyer should check for these dead spots.  Then comes the factor of clarity and transparency. Clarity is the degree of transparency the clarity of an Opal bead can vary from completely transparent to opaque. Then another property to keep in mind is to check its weight, unlike other gemstones Opal has low density so the even big size of the bead can be comfortable to wear. Opals beads are made in the lab too,   and they have their types too which includes doubles and triples. These have only a paper thin layer of opal cemented to the body of black backing.  While the triples have three layers in it; one of them is additional of clear coating to prevent the below layers.  These doubles and triples have affordable prices as compared to the solid one, but there is a drawback taking price into consideration that is those layers are joined with glue, and when immersed in water   they may become waterlogged. If this happens repeatedly, the beads may become foggy.   

Love for opal beads:

Opal beads always remained the center of attraction for all the jewelry lovers. Opal’s value is dependent on several factors including the brilliance, pattern, color bar thickness, type of opal, quality of cut, and quality of polish and volume of the stone. Opal jewelry was always appreciated and loved by the royal families and provides much business to the greater business giants who designed unique pieces of jewelry from the opal beads.


  1. Those are beautiful. I have been looking for pretty beads to make some hanging windchimes. I am going to check these out. I love the swirly patterns.

  2. Gail Williams says:

    II am very interested in Opals. They are a beautiful semi-precious stone. I see I have a ot to learn about them. I have a girlfriend who has made jewelry for me and I’d like to get some opals for her to design me a necklace.

  3. Jana Williams says:

    Thanks So Much for Sharing This, I Absolutely Love Opal and it’s One of My Favorite Gemstones! I Think Opals are Just So Beautiful b/c of All the Facets of Color Shining Through! I Would Love to Have Some Good Opal Beads b/c I Love to Make Jewelry, I Mainly Get My Beads at Michael’s Arts & Crafts but They Have Some Beautiful Beads & Stuff! Well Thanks Again for Sharing, This was Very Interesting! Have a Great Evening! – Jana

  4. Maryann D. says:

    Opal was always my favorite gem since I was young. It is nice to read info about it. I have a lot of jewelry that has Opals.

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