Party Bag Fillers – Give Gifts to Everyone!

Kids’ birthday parties can be a lot of fun with cake and ice cream, candy, toys and games. Party bags are also a great idea for a children’s party as they ensure that all the kids attending get to receive some little treats, so everyone is involved and will have something to remember the party by.

If you are planning a big party for kids, or even a big kids’ party, here are a few ideas for party bag fillers that will go down well:

Plastic parachute jumpers – these little toys featuring a model of a soldier with a plastic parachute are classic party bag gifts. They are inexpensive but fun to play with and will keep the kids at your bash occupied.

Mini instruments – if you can stand the noise that will inevitably be created, you could fill your party bags with little musical instruments, such as pan pipes, kazoos and hand drums. Be warned, it could get loud!

Whoopee cushions – kids love a good fart gag so they will be over the moon to get a whoopee cushion in their party bag. Be careful where you sit for the rest of the day though, to avoid embarrassment.

Candy – a simple and universal truth is that kids love candy, so make sure you put a few pieces of candy and chocolate in your party bags and your gusts will be happy.

Cake – as a final treat, if there’s any cake left over from your party, slice it up and put a piece in each party bag for the kids to enjoy later on when they get home.

Simply go to for more great party bag fillers and ideas and have a fantastic party!

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