Pickpocketing in Rome – Few Recommendations To Avoid It!

Pickpocketing is a huge issue no matter where you go in the world, so Rome is no exception from this rule that everyone could absolutely do without. The airports are the main hubs of petty criminals and the public transportation is no stranger to them, either.

Luckily, we’ve got a few tips to you. If you implement these, you’ll be safe and sound in Rome. These are pretty common-sense, so don’t expect magical formulas or anything of the sort.Pickpocketing in Rome - Few Recommendations To Avoid It!

Safety Tips in Rome

  • Stay Away From Large Crowds

For a foreigner, any given street in Rome is a great touristic attraction. Thieves know how many tourists there are in the city (we can assure you: there a lot!). This way, they concentrate on crowds, because they can get away virtually unseen.

If you’ve just stumbled into a gathering of people, be very attentive. If you’re travelling in a group and you spot an individual that wasn’t there before (and he’s not your guide), steer clear from him/her.

  • Don’t Flash Your Jewelry

Sure, it’s tempting to let the world know that you’ve got a new bracelet or a stylish necklace. Wear them so that they can be painfully obvious and you might get to your hotel room only to realize that they’re missing.

Do not underestimate the skills of professional thieves. They can steal your things without you feeling as much as a breeze. There are plenty of occasions to wear your most pompous jewelry and visiting Rome is not one of those.

By doing this, you go from point A to point B without making any unnecessary detours; moreover, a high percentage of pickpocketing cases occur in public transportation, either in buses, trains or metros.  

A taxi fare is not devoid of perils, but it’s exponentially safer overall than riding the metro, especially when you’re travelling alone. Another good idea is to use an airport transfer Rome.

A transfer implies that the representatives of the hotel that you’re staying at will pick you up from the airport and will take you straight to the hotel. You won’t be overpaying taxi drivers (they know you’re a tourist and will try to make the best of that) and you won’t have to worry about being robbed while riding the metro.

  • Don’t Walk Around At Night

Or if you choose to do so, go with a group of friends and stay away from streets you have no familiarity with and from red-light districts and neighborhoods. Rome is amazing at night and it has a great night-life, but nothing is worth getting into a situation that you might regret afterwards.

The Bottom Line

You can shield yourself from pickpocketing in Rome in the exact same way that you would in any other city. You should be safe if you don’t make it obvious that you’re a tourist.

As we said, all of these things are common-sense, so it’s less likely that you were planning on doing otherwise anyway.

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