Some Points to Consider before Buying a Yoga Mat

Are you going to do yoga? Are you becoming interested in this exercise? We hope this short article can get rid of your confusion about how to choose a good yoga mat. Choosing a yoga mat is not as easy as it’s seen. In fact, there are many difficulties related to what’s the most suitable one.  

Some Points to Consider before Buying a Yoga Mat

Yoga is increasingly becoming a trend. In addition to its unhurried movements, various studies have proven its benefits not only for physical but mental health as well. One of the important pieces of furniture to support this sport is the mattress. Here are some important things to consider when deciding to buy a yoga mat. Let’s check them out!

  1. Not slippery

    A good yoga mat doesn’t have a slippery surface. The surface can be tested when you perform one of the basic downward dog movements. Unfortunately, some new mats have a slicker surface.
  2. Pretty soft

    This is very important for those who are just starting out in yoga and just starting to train strength. The yogis (nickname for the beginner) are much recommended to use a soft mattress to gradually build joint and muscle strength. Also to prevent injury.
  3. Check the foam power

    The thin foam that covers the mattress is one of the important elements that can make the mattress feel soft. However, a good yoga mat should not be too thick. Mattresses that are too thick are only good for gym activities.
  4. Be careful with mats that contain toxins

    Mattress yoga contains polyvinyl chloride (PVC) toxic plastic substances containing carcinogens aka cancer triggers. When choosing a yoga mat, choose a PVC bet. This type of mat is often a bit hard to find and if you want to use a natural mattress, a rubber mat would be better.
  5. Choose a light one

    A padded mattress is important, but it does not mean it should be heavy either. Especially if you want to use it after work. Of course you do not want to carry heavy loads in the form of a mattress, do you? If you can find a 1.5-kilogram mat, that’s good enough.
  6. Do not worry about spending more money

    You get what you paid for, a term that describes that expensive objects are often more qualified. It is better to avoid a mattress that is too expensive. You might think saving money when buying a cheap one. The fact, the cheap ones are usually so quickly broken and those are very bad for the environment. Not to mention most of cheap mattresses are also thin and brittle.

Choose a fun mat if possible
Useful things do not have to lose the fun side. Now there are many choices of bright colors or beautiful motifs for yoga mats. There’s no harm in choosing the fun ones. We can recommend you to buy from Ana Heart as it is the one of most recommended online yoga shops.

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