7 Reasons Why You Should Explore Norway In 2020

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Going to Norway can be the most enjoyable trip you make in your lifetime. Exploring the wide space and vast terrain is a great opportunity to immerse me in natural beauty. In fact, exploring Norway can completely change your perspective, and make you happier. This is because Norway was classified as the happiest country in the world according to the World Happiness Report. Along with the high GDP and high life expectancy, even the lowest paying jobs in Norway tend to pay much higher than high-paid jobs in the rest of the world. Thinking of taking a trip to this happy land in 2020? Here are 7 other reasons why you should:

  1. Skiing

Snow lovers will most definitely love Norway since they can practically enjoy their favorite activity of skiing all year! There are also artificial snow indoor parks that are open in summer for ski lovers. Naturally, most Norwegians learn how to ski from a very young age, and this national pastime is accommodated by the many ski resorts around the country. However, spending a day in the snow can make people desperate for some warmth. This is where the famous Norwegian Briquette comes in handy. According to the ignition professionals over at https://norgesbriketten.no/, briquettes are one of the most environmentally-friendly ignition methods in Norway, as they are 100% natural, and most people prefer to use them over other heating alternatives. A briquette is non-polluting, and it is also cheaper than other types of solid fuels. Don’t be surprised to see some of these on firepits with skiers gather around it.

  1. Hiking

Who doesn’t like an enchanting hike that gives you peace of mind? Hikes in Norway can be magical, especially in the summer, when you can go camping. Due to the popularity of this activity, there are laws that facilitate access to beautiful natural spots. There are also many paths that you can choose from. If you’re feeling adventurous, go snow hiking, or take one of the hiking paths that lead to Norway’s highest mountain, Galdhøpiggen.  

  1. Waterfalls

Norway has an abundance of glaciers, which means that there are numerous waterfalls around the country for people to visit and enjoy. Some of them can be small and unimpressive in some seasons, and some are so powerful that you are able to feel the pleasant spray of water across your face. Kjosfossen, the Seven Sisters, and Mardalsfossen are among the most impressive waterfalls there.

  1. Northern Lights

Who hasn’t dreamed about seeing the northern lights? Norway offers one of the best spots to see this natural marvel. Northern lights, or aurora borealis, can be seen in Norwegian skies; however, the farther you are from the city, the better you will see this phenomenon. So if you’re thinking of the best place to watch this mesmerizing phenomenon, Norway is the best location for you. You can book a tour that will take you through the snow-clad forests to see the northern lights. 

  1. Exceptional Seafood

You could say that Norway is home to the best seafood in the globe. A trip there should always be complemented with at least one seafood meal. Everyone loves it, and since a lot of countries export fish from Norway, it is only logical for you to try it from its local source. Some even claim that the idea of salmon sushi entered Japan thanks to the Norwegians, so don’t miss out on their local salmon, as many consider it the best salmon they’ve ever had!

  1. Polar Bears

It is not likely that you’ll get to see polar bears anywhere near you. This is why going to Norway is the perfect opportunity to see them! Svalbard Islands are the perfect place to watch the white furry animals in their natural habitat. It might take a while to spot one of them, but there are road signs that indicate their location, and once you see them, you surely won’t regret it. Make sure that you listen to your guide on how to act when they’re nearby, and always keep your distance to stay safe.

  1. Fjords

Visiting Norway means that you will see at least one of the beautiful fjords there. If you’re a fan of kayaking, diving, or sailing, you will surely enjoy exploring the pristine waters in Norway. Fjords can provide you with the best souvenir pictures on your camera roll, so it is definitely a great chance for you to make some unforgettable memories, too.

Norway is a very peaceful retreat that can give you a joyful experience. You won’t regret exploring this side of the world, which people consider one of the happiest on the planet. Even populated places are enchanting and safe, due to the low crime rates, so if you’re on the fence about visiting it in 2020, you should go for it!

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