Reduce Stress With a Creative New Hobby


Living a creative life brings lots of rewards and health benefits. It has a positive impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. Research has shown that being creative adds to our happiness and sense of fulfillment. If you would like to inject some creativity into your life, check out these hobbies.


Sewing, Quilting, and Embroidery

Sewing is good for us. And that’s not just in the practical sense of having all of our clothing neatly mended. It is good in other ways too. Because it requires our full attention, our mind is focused on the task at hand. This helps us to forget our other stresses and worries during that time.

It also keeps our brains active. A lot of thought goes into these hobbies, whether you’re stitching by hand or using a machine such as the Janome 15000. Stitches need to be precise, and colors need to be matched, etc.

sewing pinsImage

DIY and Recycling

Getting into DIY and upcycling will benefit you and your home. There are lots of creative projects you can embark on, from decorating and woodwork, to creating home accessories.

Reusing and repurposing materials have a positive impact on the environment. It teaches us to buy carefully and with thought. Rather than discarding used items, think about how else they could be used.


Card Making

Making your own cards is a practical skill and will provide you with a creative outlet. Don’t worry if you can’t draw or paint. There are lots of other methods of creating beautiful handmade cards. Collage and Decoupage are effective techniques. You can also use stamps to print patterns and images. If you enjoy other hobbies such as sewing, this can also be incorporated.

On the practical side, you will have a steady stream of cards for any occasion. And the recipients will know that you took the time to make them from scratch.


Knitting and Crochet

Thanks to some high-profile celebrities, knitting and crochet have enjoyed a bit of a resurgence. People have been knitting and crocheting for years, and the tradition is often passed down through families. Many people remember their mother or grandmother teaching them to knit.

Because these activities need our full attention, they require us to be mindful. This is similar to meditation. It can, therefore, help with anxiety and stress. Following knitting patterns and coordinating stitches is also good for our cognitive functions.



The emergence of celebrity chefs has renewed interest in cooking and baking. Shows such as Hell’s Kitchen and The Great British Bake Off have also had an impact. We are constantly reminded to check ingredients before buying. Cooking our own meals, rather than relying on processed foods promotes a healthier way of life.

Cooking is a great outlet to explore your creativity. It works on many levels, not just sight. It incorporates taste and scent too. As you become more experienced, you can experiment and create your own recipes.

Being creative isn’t a gift or a natural talent. It is something that we can learn and work on. Anyone can be creative. They just need the right outlet.


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