Safari Advice for Travelling Seniors

There’s no doubting the power of the grey pound in the UK and the US dollar, both of which now account for almost 2 thirds of spending worldwide,  

In total, older consumers spend billions each year, with this number having increased by around £100 billion during the last decade alone.

Make no mistake; this demographic is increasingly inclined to spend their hard-earned money on overseas trips once they’ve retired, with safaris in Africa particularly popular. With this in mind, here are some top tips for travelling seniors who are heading out on safari:


  • Reduce Jet Lag where Possible


Whether you want to undertake walking safaris or enjoy extended night drives while in places like Tanzania, these can be physically challenging pastimes that require a certain amount of energy so make sure you chose an appropriate itinerary with a well -known safari holiday specialist like Tanzania Odyssey.

As a result of this, seniors can ill-afford to embark on long or extended flights when travelling to Africa from their homelands.

Instead, you should focus on reducing jet lag and making the most of your outbound flight, preferably by investing in a direct trip that eliminates any stopovers.

Conversely, why not stagger the flight by scheduling a rest stop for a day or two as part of the journey? This will break up the travel while also letting you unwind somewhere else for a couple of days before the safari starts, and this is always a great way to kickstart such a demanding holiday.


  • Take the Necessary Medical Precautions


Not every area of Africa has been created equal, but you’ll definitely need to take some medical precautions when heading out on safari.

This means ensuring that you book any required vaccinations (such as malaria) ahead of time, and making provisions to bring any existing medications with you into your chosen destination.

At the same time, we’d recommend consulting with your local doctor to identify any other necessary precautions, depending on your age, health and precise medical history.

On a final note, take the time to review your travel insurance and invest in maximum protection in the event of an illness or injury. This includes trip cancellation, which may be crucial of your fall ill before the trip.


  • Make Comfort your Key Watchword


While comfort is not something typically synonymous with safari travel, it should remain a key watchword for seniors looking to explore the vast open planes of Africa.

In simple terms, this means avoiding the typical “sleeping on the ground” type of arrangements associated with some safaris, as while this enables you to bask beneath the glow of the stars it can be a little uncomfortable and physically taxing.

Instead, consider booking a slightly more costly luxury safari experience, which features a high-end lodge, a number of fine dining options and exceptionally talented guides.

We’d also recommend hiring a 4×4 vehicle for day and night-time travel, as these cars lurch high above the ground and provide a far more comfortable travelling experience.

If you’re concerned about the potential cost, you should look at travelling out of season, as this can reduce the cost of luxury safaris and help to access a far superior deal!

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