Seven Useful Tips to Help Keep Your Children Safe During the Flooring Installation Process

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If you’ve had new flooring installed in the past (by yourself or a professional), you’re undoubtedly aware of how rewarding the process is. A small initial investment and a bit of time can totally transform a home, and what’s more, is that new flooring can also greatly improve the value of a structure. It’s hard to argue against something as tremendous-looking, comfortable, and cost-effective as new flooring!

However, the aforementioned “bit of time” can seem like an eternity to one particular group: children. Kids aren’t very fond of disruptions from normal, established routines, and flooring installations aren’t an exception. Relative displeasure isn’t a big deal, but the safety of children most definitely is. The following seven tips are designed to help you navigate through the flooring installation process without encountering any unexpected difficulties or unfortunate accidents—namely those related to your children and/or kids who may be around the worksite.

Let’s take a look!

  1. Set Clear Limits and Boundaries

The commotion and relative confusion of the floor installation process—seeing old flooring ripped up, watching as strangers enter the home, and more—can easily excite your children. And excitement, for youngsters, most often results in running around, having fun, and playing games—all of which can detriment the job at-hand. Be sure to set clear limits and boundaries for your children before the installation process begins. Whatever area or areas the work will be completed in should be made “off limits.” Consider providing incentives for successfully staying away from these spots throughout the entirety of the construction process.

  1. Remind Them That This is Work—Not Play

Imagine if children could rip up and replace flooring whenever they pleased; we’d quickly lose track of the material and color of virtually all the floors around! In all seriousness, many children will think that flooring installation is something of a play-related game. Gently remind your children that this isn’t the case; that even though the work may look like play, it is, in fact, a very serious, adult-oriented, and potentially dangerous process. Make clear to them that if they’re “on their best behavior,” the work will be completed sooner, and they’ll be able to see the new floor earlier than they otherwise would have been able to.

  1. Have Fun Outside—or Elsewhere

With regard to the safety and the efficiency of the floor installation process, it’s probably best if children stay outside while some or most of the work is completed. In the warm months of the year, taking a dip in the pool, inviting some friends over and having a small party, riding bikes, or engaging in one of the many other available activities are outstanding ways to pass the time. During the fall and winter, perhaps you (or someone you know) could lead an exciting trip to a local arcade or movie theater, with the promise, of course, that the new flooring will be closer to finished upon returning home.

  1. Make Permission a Requirement—Not an Option

Of course, depending upon the scope and layout of your flooring installation job, it might not be possible—or desirable—to stay out of the house until the work is completed. That’s perfectly understandable. And in other instances yet, the flooring that’s being replaced may cover an area that leads to main portions of a home—the bathroom or kitchen, for instance. (This is assuming that the bathroom and kitchen aren’t the actual sites of the flooring replacements.) Regardless, be sure to make permission a requirement—not an option—for your children. If they need to get a sip of water or use the bathroom, you can make sure that the corresponding path is safe and free of obstructions, preventing accidents in the process.

  1. Consult an Online Resource

There’s an array of online resources available that you can consult to learn as much about flooring installation as possible. MyFloorFlooringSolutions, for example, is a respected and trusted provider of flooring-related information. This information is useful both when a company or professional is being hired to install flooring and when a DIY job is in order. With this information at your disposal, you can make the worksite as safe and free of risks as it can be for your children.

  1. Don’t “Bite off More than You Can Chew”

If you’re like most other people, chances are that you’d like excellent work completed as quickly as possible, with regard to your flooring installation. That’s smart, but it’s important not to “bite off more than you can chew”—in other words, to not start large jobs that probably won’t be finished in a day—if doing so will be inconvenient. Moreover, this could easily lead to unnecessary danger and frustration for you, your significant other, and your children.

For DIY-minded individuals, this means that designating ample time to a flooring installation process is advisable. You’re not a professional; your work can look professional when it’s finished, but it probably won’t be finished in a professional amount of time. There’s nothing worse than starting a project on Sunday morning and ripping your hair out when the evening rolls around as you try to please your family, assure the safety and convenience of your children, and get to bed for work. Designate more than enough time to complete your flooring installation—particularly if it’ll be a major inconvenience for you or those in your household. And if you plan to hire a company to complete the work, verify that their expected completion date meshes with your schedule and preferences.

  1. Relax

The floor installation process, like any home renovation or improvement, can be daunting. However, for the safety and comfort of your kids, it’s imperative that you relax, approach the situation calmly, and have fun. Most kids’ natural instinct is to emulate the behaviors, attitudes, and feelings of their parents; if you’re on-edge while flooring is being installed, there’s a good chance that your children will be on-edge, and the odds of an accident occurring will rise accordingly.

These tips are sure to help your floor installation experience be as positive and pleasant as possible. Thanks for reading, and here’s to the perks of new flooring!

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