Shoes For Children – Thoughts You Must Never Forget When Buying

Friendship and making new friends are uppermost in the minds of kids when they prepare for starting a new year in a new class. Hardly do they think about what to wear and how to reach school because it is up to the parents to make the child ready for school.  Parents are left a bit confused when it comes to selecting shoes for children because there are conflicting views about it.  The confusion is a lot more for preschool children as parents have the option of allowing them to move on bare foot. This is the age group of children, for whom the parents have the biggest headache in selecting shoes. Some say that it is best for kids to go bare foot that is best for the increasing age while another section believes that hard sole shoes are best for them.  

Shoes For Children - Thoughts You Must Never Forget When Buying

Flexibility is necessary

Stepping aside from the argument of to have or not have shoes, let us take a more pragmatic view of children’s footwear. The idea behind allowing toddlers go barefoot is to facilitate proper development of their muscles but if you feel like making them wear shoes then do it as less as possible till they reach school going age. Even for the shoes they wear, pay attention to flexibility because it is important for foot development, especially, the arch of the foot. The baby foot is soft, and it does not harden before they reach five years of age, although the growth continues till teenage. Never think of using rigid shoes for kids. Many people prefer Bobux shoes, which are just what the child needs at their age.

Toddler and preschooler shoes

If your child belongs to the toddler or preschooler group, then   you have to pay special attention to the kind of footwear you buy. Remember that shoes for this age group must comply with some distinct features so that they feel comfortable to wear it, it must be stylish and add to their fun and enjoyment. There are shoes of renowned brands available made specifically for a particular age group of children that you are looking for and it supports foot development too. Over and above, these shoes are highly functional and can help children to take the next step when they want to jump and run.

Follow these guidelines

Besides selecting the right brand of shoe for your child, there are some guidelines to ensure complete comfort for your baby.

  • Pay attention to the fit by leaving the room of the size of the width of a thumb in the front of the shoe so that there is space for the foot to grow.
  • Try out the shoe by making the child wear it to get a feel for it.
  • Ensure that the sole is flexible and prefer rubber soles to leather as it grips better.
  • Prefer closed toe shoes as kids often drag their toes and can get hurt.
  • Avoid slip on shoes as it stresses the leg muscles.

For the best fit, try out shoes in the later part of the day when the foot remains slightly swollen.  


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