Spring Cleaning Your Music, Movies, and Video Games

Spring Cleaning Your Electronics

If you have been following my blog the past week or so you have seen me post a couple Spring Cleaning posts.  One on Spring Cleaning the outside of your home and another on Spring Cleaning your car.  Today I am going to talk about what you can do to Spring Clean your music and DVD/movie collection!

Most, if not all of us, have big music CD collections and/or DVD/movie collections.  I know both our music and movie collection is pretty big.  Between the kid movies we have for our daughter (plus the kid movies I had before her, since I’m a kid at heart 🙂 ) and our favorite action movies, like Spiderman, we have way too many.  And we won’t even get started on our music collection… we have CDs in our basement, living room, car, everywhere it seems!

If there are some CDs or DVDs, or even video games, you could consider selling them on a site like Music Magpie.  You can use the money to get some updated discs or put the money away for a future vacation.  I am sure someone would love to have your older movies and you can never beat having some extra cash in your pocket!

If you have movies, music, or video games that you just cannot part with, you can find different ways to organize them.  We are going to put all of our horror/action movies on a self in our living room and keep all the children movies in our living room, that way they are out of the way and our daughter can quickly select one she would like, but our movies are still close that we can watch them after she goes to bed or something.  There are lots of different ways to organize your collection – you can always search Pinterest or just Google to get some ideas!

How do you organize your music, movies, and/or video games?  I would love to hear!


  1. I get music into shoe boxes actaully right after I put them all on itunes and make a back up disk. This way they cases are out in the garage but all the music is on an ipod 🙂

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