Stagecoaches, Saloons and Bandits: Old West Board and Digital Games for Cowboy Fans

The days of the Wild West are gone but friends can still get pretty crazy playing Old West board and digital games. Stagecoaches, saloons, and bandits may be things of the past yet such things live on through gameplay.



The name is simple yet the gameplay and enjoyment it delivers is timeless. Many of today’s older gamers can appreciate the mention of Gun. One could encounter bandits, have Wild West style gunfights, and chances to hunt wild animals. Actually, there was much anticipation for the game’s sequel yet the manufacturer placed more resources toward the Tony Hawk game series.


DarkWatch – Curse of the West

This is another game that many hoped would generate a sequel to no avail. It brings gamers into an interesting world of the Wild West, steampunk, and horror. The game’s option of being a good or bad guy is unique and offers different styles of gameplay. People were equally mesmerized by the ease of user design as well as the story driven gameplay.


Oddworld – Strangers Path

You’re thrown into the personality of Stranger, a guy down on his luck who needs to pay for a lifesaving medical procedure by accepting bounties. It’s a 3D game that unfortunately did not spawn subsequent titles. It’s fun to get engrossed and roam freely in this odd western world or engage in the game’s story.


Boomtown Bandits

This is not a video game but a board game devoted to the Wild West. This dice game challenges players to rob the bank, train, and even the town brothel! Will you be the player who gets away with the most loot and be championed the supreme bandit? Find this title and a range of tabletop games online.


Oregon Trail

Technically, you can’t have a list of Wild West games without mentioning Oregon Trail. It’s an early computer game based on pioneer life. It was first released in the early seventies, so you can imagine the simplicity of gameplay. However, the enjoyment of the game keeps it around for multiple generations of gamers.


Call of Juarez – Bound in Blood

This game is part of a franchise and may well be the best title of it. This title actually serves as a story prequel to a previous version. The McCall Brothers live in an era at the end of the American Civil War. The gameplay offers a bit of strategy since players can choose which brother to take into each mission. This title is celebrated as a purist’s Wild West game.


Read Dead Redemption

This has been reviewed as ‘Gun on steroids.’ It’s not the first title in its franchise but many agree that it is the best. You’ll be amazed by the Wild West gameplay yet the game has a surprise in store, throwing a curve by introducing zombies into the storyline. It’s one thing to have your taste for Wild West gameplay satiated, but when you cover the Wild West with bloodthirsty zombies, things are bound to get interesting.

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