How To Survive The Stress of Family Moving

Moving to a new home can be enough to stress a parent out, but some forward planning and outside help can make the transition straightforward and free of drama.  

Preparing the kids

Parent-child communication skills can be tested by the move from the old home to the new one. Parents should sit down with their children and explain fully and honestly why they have to make this transition. They should address any questions their children have and do their best to ease their concerns.  


Making a plan

Before any move can be put into action, families need to set out a comprehensive plan for the process. What items must be taken? What can be left behind? What is the timeframe involved?  These are just some of the questions that should be answered. It is important to remember not to get too stressed out if the plan is subject to change. Last-minute hitches happen to the best prepared of movers, and these developments can always be handled successfully.


Embracing community

Moving to a new house often means uprooting the family and taking them away from what they have become familiar with, such as friends, surroundings, and maybe even schools. The important word is community because when a family is on the move, that is what they are leaving behind. At the same time, however, community is also what they are moving to; there will be new neighbors, new friends, and a new environment. It is important for families to familiarize themselves with their new community. This means knocking on doors, making introductions, and asking questions about local amenities, schools, churches, and sports teams. Integrating into the community helps parents and children alike to settle in faster, and it gives them a sense of belonging in a new place.  

If good friends are being left behind, making a commitment to keep in touch means that it is not only good memories that last but also positive relationships. Friends can be a great source of support during a move, both emotionally and for lifting heavy boxes!


The logistics

Lugging furniture, boxes and other items from one location to another is decidedly unappealing. It might also be unrealistic because of time constraints or insufficient transport. It makes sense to consider the services of movers. A professional and reliable moving service such as means household items gets to their destination on time and in good condition.  

How can you spot good movers? A good mover is one that listens carefully to the client’s needs while providing advice based on their own experience. A professional understands that this can be a stressful time for clients and will keep them updated on progress and any unexpected developments.  Finally, a good mover is one who makes themselves accountable and will hold their hands up if any errors are theirs.   

The transition from old home to new home is never going to be hassle-free, but parents who make a plan can keep stress to a minimum and even turn the big move into an occasion every family member can feel excited about.  

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