Is Culligan WSH-C125 The Best Filtered Showerhead?

Can you've got water that's bothersome for you once you have a shower? Additionally, it is priced at only $25 on websites like Amazon. The Characteristics of this Culligan Filtered Showerhead The main aspect of this showerhead, out of its capacity to filter out chlorine and a few hard water minerals, is that it is remarkably simple to install. The filter goes within the showerhead and you twist everything! No tools are required unless your current showerhead occurs to be stuck onto your … [Read more...]

Top Tips For Child-Proofing Your Bathroom

When kids come along, many of us have to make some serious changes to our homes to keep our little ones safe. Never is this more important than in the bathroom. From places they can fall and hit their head to dangerous chemicals they could ingest, there is just too much in a bathroom which could harm them. Whether you are considering installing waterproof laminate flooring for bathrooms or rearranging your cupboards, there is plenty you can do. Let’s take a look at some of your options … [Read more...]

Why it’s Worth Buying a Showerhead Filter for Your Bathroom

Of course, as we all know all too well, the main idea of getting a shower at whatever time of the day is to feel clean and refreshed! However, different types of natural water that can come through the plumbing system in your home could sometimes be what is responsible for you not feeling as clean as you could do. Water comes in different types, two of which are hard water and soft water. Hard water is water that contains naturally large amount of minerals that have dissolved into it due to the … [Read more...]

Decorating in Style: 9 Timeless Bathroom Trends That Will Never Go out of Season

Need to spruce up the overall look of your home’s bathroom, but can’t quite find the right evergreen design to bank on? Well, whether you go for something clean, cool and crisp or a timeless, retro or vintage-inspired bathroom trend, just be sure to choose something that will never lose its charm. Invest in timeless bathroom design and you will never get bored spending time inside there. There is a whole world of trends and ideas and, depending on your budget, preferences, and size of … [Read more...]

7 Tips On Cleaning Your Toilet

A toilet is one of the busiest spots in your house. It is also a place where every visitor you get will go to. Keeping it clean every time should be your top priority. A clean toilet ensures that you are free from bacteria and odor smell that can be health threatening. You are a person who entertains guests frequently into your home? Then keeping your toilet should be your core business. I know you might be asking yourself, how do I achieve this? Well, we are here to get you through the tips … [Read more...]

Treating Yourself – Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

We put so much strain on ourselves both mentally and physically, sometimes we need to just listen to our bodies and rest. It might sound logical to say take a break, take a spa break! But with commitments, plans and even budget restraints, we can’t all head off to weekend retreat as much as we’d like to. But did you know, that with a little imagination and know how, you can easily have a five star spa experience in your very own bathroom at home? It’s true! Read on for some super simple ways to … [Read more...]

6 Things To Consider While Choosing Perfect Bathroom Tiles

It’s easier to choose when your options are less but with hundreds of options out there, you are left confused. Same is the case when it comes to choosing the perfect tiles for your bathroom. In market, the tiles available are in numerous shapes, sizes and colors. You wonder which one to choose? It needs to look fancy and should be durable at the same time. Well, don’t worry! To help you out, listed below are 6 things to consider while choosing the right tiles for your bathroom: … [Read more...]

Four Bathroom Organization and Maintenance Tips

Cleaning the bathroom is one of the chores that people just love to avoid doing. It’s understandable since it can take plenty of time and work to make everything squeaky clean. There’s a lot of scrubbing, leaving out products, wiping, and washing involved. Many times, you have to deal with gross things like mold and mildew, which requires deep cleaning to thoroughly get rid of. If you simply don’t have the time for a complete clean up, the best you can do is to prevent clutter from … [Read more...]