The Worst Car Buying Mistakes You Can Make

Most of us will buy somewhere around nine new cars over the course of our lifetimes according to CNBC. Assuming you buy your first one at 21 and you achieve the average life expectancy of just over 78 years, you’ll go into a new car dealership with the intention to buy every six years.  How can you ever hope to get really good at doing something you do so infrequently? Fortunately, that’s why articles like this one exist — to help you avoid the worst car buying mistakes you can … [Read more...]

Don’t Panic – Your Car Key Can Be Replaced!

It is small and inconspicuous, but a reproduction often costs hundreds of dollars and a lot of nerves. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about replacing a lost or damaged car key! Most car locks today use a keyless system. Instead of actually unlocking the car with a key, we only have to press the remote control. With this keyless system, the remote key can even stay in your pocket as you open the vehicle and start the engine. But no matter which system you use, … [Read more...]

Simple Car Maintenance Tips

A little maintenance on your car can save you hundreds of dollars, hours of time, and so much of the stress involved with having a car problem. Taking some time to do some simple checks and replacements make a big difference. Many of the things can be done safely and for free! Health Checks You can do a vehicle health check all on your own with the help of a handy OBDII Monitor. A vehicle health monitor can save you at least $100 on a trip to a mechanic because it helps you decode engine … [Read more...]

Benefits Of Buying A Honda Syracuse

Being able to provide safety and convenience to the entire family is usually what motivates parents to buy a car. They want their entire family to arrive at their destination safely, as well as own a car that allows everyone to travel and bond. But with the number of car manufacturers today, do you know which the best option is? Are you aware of the factors you need to consider so you’ll end up paying for a smart investment? The benefits of a Honda car can help you come up with a sound … [Read more...]

Auto Accident Claims: How to Maximize Your Compensation

Accidents are a part of life. Most, if not all people will be involved in an auto accident at some point in their lives. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, 20-30 million people are involved in road crashes annually. Knowing how to deal with an accident after it happens is knowledge that everyone should possess. Here are some tips to maximize your compensation after an auto accident occurs. Gather evidence The first course of action to take when you’re … [Read more...]

Benefits of Going To An Auto Repair Canandaigua NY Company

For families, owning a car can be a godsend. A car allows you to travel anywhere with ease, especially if you have kids with you. Because of the comfort, convenience, and safety a car provides, traveling for hours can be an enjoyable experience. For you to utilize your car for the longest time possible, it’s vital that you regularly visit an auto repair company in Canandaigua, New York, and other locations.  As soon as you buy a car, you should immediately scout for a reputable auto … [Read more...]

Taking Your Kid to Driving School? Teach Them These 7 Basics as Well

Years ago, you held your little one’s finger and taught them how to walk. A few years down the line, you made sure your kids learned how to ride a bicycle, without losing their balance. And, now, it’s finally time for you to help them learn how to drive a car.  You enroll them in a driving school, encourage them to put their practice to best use while driving and share some tips and experiences with them. At first, it is natural for them to feel nervous. However, you must help them … [Read more...]

Saving Your Family Money By Learning Basic Car Maintenance Skills

As of this year, the average cost of a car repair is approximately $397.87. If you are someone who always strives to keep your car in good shape, but the expenses can be challenging for your family’s budget, there is a great alternative. There are many repair and maintenance skills that you can learn to do at home. With a bit of information and learning, you can save your family a lot of money over the long-term. Discover three basic car maintenance skills you can easily learn to avoid … [Read more...]