How to Eat Gami Fried Chicken like A Pro

Food is one of the basic needs that we can’t live without taking it. If you are a food fanatic – (I mean who isn’t?), especially focusing on the meaty category, then you definitely have heard about Gami chicken or even indulged in a meal or two of the same. What is gami chicken? It is a well-prepared finger licking Korean style cooked chicken. Anyone who has had a chance to devour this meal can attest to the fact that it is one of the best chicken recipes that never disappoint the taste buds. … [Read more...]

Cheesy BBQ Chicken Pizza Featuring Velveeta!

On a recent shopping trip to Walmart, I came across a great, famous product.  Velveeta... I am sure that most of us have tried it, most likely in the yummy queso dip that is so famous.  I know a lot of people make it for parties; I'm sure you'll find it if you go to a fourth of July bash!  If you comment and say you have never tried it, two things will happen... I will 1. be extremely surprised and, 2. tell you to go make some!  It is so delicious!  There's a lot of … [Read more...]