7 Practical Tips to Keep Your Carpet Clean Longer

There are few things more beautiful than a freshly cleaned carpet. Beautiful, clean carpeting can change the look of a room instantly. For people who have carpeting in their homes, they never realize quite how much a dirty carpet is ruining the look of their home until they see it freshly cleaned. Suddenly, the entire room looks brand new, reminding them how beautiful the carpet was when they bought it. Now they’re nervous. How are they going to keep the carpet from sliding back into its … [Read more...]

How to Wash and Clean Canvas Tote Bags

Owning a canvas bag can be a useful and practical decision. Canvas is a very versatile fabric, and large canvas tote bags are a strong material for holding all of your things, while still being affordable and stylish. Although canvas was traditionally made from hemp, modern-day varieties are usually made from cotton or linen, and then blended with polyvinyl chloride (or PVC - a synthetic, plastic polymer. Similar to oilcloth). Due to the resilient nature of the material, the canvas is very … [Read more...]

Signs You Need to Hire a Professional House Cleaner

You have probably thought of hiring cleaners, but have not finalized your decision because you feel like you can always break down your tasks and do the cleaning yourself. Sure, you may be doing a decent job at cleaning your home, but the reality is that many of us lead busy lives that we often find ourselves needing a big amount of rest. From the long hours at the office, to cooking meals for the family, and helping kids with their homework, managing the household can get overwhelming at some … [Read more...]

7 Surprising Places Germs are Lurking in Your Kitchen

If you're like a lot of people, you've probably wondered why you have bacteria-induced illnesses. Maybe you've ever wondered why this happens despite carefully preparing your foods to avoid cross-contamination, cleaning your homes regularly and washing your hands every time. Truth is, there are items in your kitchen that harbor germs. The three most common items are your kitchen sponge, sink and cutting board in that order. If you need any help with cleaning your kitchen or any part of … [Read more...]

Mom’s Guide to Keeping a Clean Car

Everyone who drives a car knows how easy it is to accumulate clutter inside, especially if you drive around the kids. With all the running around from home, to school, to work, it’s easy to forget throwing that piece of trash or that little toy lying in the corner. After all, you can always go back for it later. By the time you notice, everything will have accumulated in one big mess. Don’t wait until you need professional intervention to clean your car. Professional cleaning can cost you at … [Read more...]

How To Clean, Deodorize and Care For A Mattress

While we make sure that the pillow covers and sheets covered over the mattress are properly washed and cleaned, few of us really bother to care for the underlying mattress that remains aloof from care and attention. Those who think there is no such thing as mattress caring and cleaning, they do a big mistake and for why, need to get rid of your mattresses early. Follow the tips stated below to add years to the life of your mattress: Vacuum It When you don't clean it regularly, it starts … [Read more...]

Why Should You Invest in a Quality Vacuum?

One of the world's most hectic, tiring, exhausting and yet thankless jobs is home management. It does not bring you any material rewards, yet you can not do without ensuring that your home is clean and hygienic. This becomes even more essential when you have a family with kids in the house. A well maintained, clean and spotless home is vital for a happy and a healthy family. That being said, a clean and immaculate home is challenging to sustain with young kids around who love to mess. If you … [Read more...]

6 Household Products That Make Your Life Easier

A home is the haven where you return after a long and tiring day at work and find your own space to feel relaxed. This is the reason that it deserves as much love and warmth as it gives. No wonder that most homeowners spend the weekends cleaning and pampering their homes. But household cleaning and maintenance can be quite a challenge considering the cumbersome and repetitive tasks involved. You may have piles of clothes to be washed, carpets to be cleaned, grass to be trimmed, and a lot more … [Read more...]