Fun as a Family in Dallas

As a single mother, Leslie always found it a bit difficult to find time to do something fun. She was always running around with her two boys, Lukas and Noah, picking them up from sports practice or dropping them off at school if they missed the bus. Finally, she decided to make it a priority to travel somewhere with her sons for a special family vacation. “When mom said we were going on a trip, I was so excited,” said Noah, the elder of her two boys. “We never went on a trip before, unless it … [Read more...]

Dallas/Plano Is A Great Spot For A Family Vacation

The Dallas Plano, Texas region is an excellent area for fun things to do with the family. The city has you covered when it comes to indoor and outdoor activities for both kids and parents. The next time you're planning your trip to Texas, check out these favorite restaurants, and attractions that make Dallas and Plano Texas one of the best places to vacation with the family. Entertainment Crayola Amusement Center At the Crayola Amusement Center, they bring the power of creativity. The … [Read more...]