4 Paleo Meal Delivery Options & Prices

The Paleo diet focuses on resembling the diet that humans ate during the Paleolithic era. This means that it consists of consuming whole foods like vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and unprocessed oils. As today’s modern diet consists of food that contains preservatives, refined sugar, and processed fats, it can be challenging to ensure that your meals are Paleo-compliant, if this is something that you want to try. Nonetheless, there are various Paleo meal deliveries that you can choose from … [Read more...]

Green BEAN Delivery – Bringing Fresh Produce To You

If you saw my post the other day about green/organic products and enjoyed it (or entered the giveaway), then you may be interested to hear about this great company called Green BEAN Delivery.  Currently Green BEAN delivers to the following areas Indiana (Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Muncie and Anderson), Kentucky (Louisville, Lexington), Ohio (Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton), and Missouri (St. Louis). With Green BEAN Delivery, you get to choose from one of five different product bins. Each bin … [Read more...]