Solo Travel After Divorce: 3 Reasons Why You Should Book That Vacation Now

Dealing with a breakup or divorce is tough, and healing can take time. Also people deal with breakups differently and have different ways to cope. One good way to recover from a divorce is to take a solo trip. The benefits you’ll receive out of solo travel after a divorce are endless, no matter where the destination is. Here are three reasons why you should book your vacation now. Observe the world in a new way People tend to take a lot for granted. However, when travel is the main … [Read more...]

Information On What You Need To Know About Post-Divorce Child Relocation

Both parents must work together to determine what is best for their child. If one parent chooses to move to another region and take the child with, the other parent must agree. In case of you having a child custody order in place, it will be necessary to return to court with the agreement to have it modified, and the new living situation added. As long as the new arrangement is according to your child’s best interests, the judge will have no issues in approving it. However, if the move is not to … [Read more...]

Co-Parenting Divorce Tips for Divorced Parents

According to Complete Case, co-parenting after divorce refers to a situation where two parents who no longer live together share the responsibilities of their children. When couples have been in a contentious relationship, or the marriage was marred with domestic violence and divorce takes place, co-parenting becomes a daunting task because both parents hardly get back into terms with one another. The separated parents take the initiative of raising children to avoid pain and hurt in the lives … [Read more...]

How Divorce Affects Your Kids

Most adults have had to come to grips with the idea that divorce is a fact of life. Though it isn’t something everyone will experience personally, we all know or will know someone going through it. As a result, it’s something we’ve come to accept can happen to everyone. It also means people work very hard to keep their marriages stable and avoid some of the pitfalls that lead to divorce. But the problem with divorce is, the people it affects the most aren’t equipped with the maturity to deal … [Read more...]

Current Divorce Rate in the USA 2018

A divorce proceeding is currently a trendy thing that you cannot omit it either in your life or in another breath of another person you know, namely your relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. The advanced divorce rate began in 2000, and it is still rather well-spread all around America!  Therefore we will speak today about the latest numbers of the divorce case in general and the most recent statistics of the American divorce cases in particular. In the subsequent article, we will discuss with … [Read more...]

Filing For Divorce: Understanding Your Legal Rights

It is a very difficult time that typically leads people to our articles. People who typically find articles are people who are undergoing a divorce. It's a very high stress and emotional time for them. Some people focus so much on the emotional end that they do not spend enough time understanding the business and legal end of things. It is quite natural for people to go through that cycle, but at the same time they need someone on their side acting as an advocate for them. What they need more … [Read more...]

How To Deal With A Heartbreak

Breakups are not easy to bear because losing someone that you thought would walk with you in all stages of life no matter what can be a heart wrenching experience. Most people drown in a sea of despair when they go through this period and some even have p deal with a number of health issues as being emotionally broken can have an impact on your physical well being as well. As humans, we tend to make more mistakes when we are sad and stressed, and this can turn our lives upside down. … [Read more...]

How to Get Through Your Divorce

Getting a divorce can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a person's life. Not only are you losing someone you thought you'd be with forever, you also have to deal with child custody issues, splitting your finances, splitting real estate, and other practical matters while you are in the middle of grieving. If you are currently facing a divorce, here are a few steps to help you navigate this difficult time: Don't be afraid to process your feelings. Depending on the circumstances of … [Read more...]