How E-Commerce Has Changed Shopping

Information technology has changed everything, from how we connect with friends and family to how we track the weather. One area that has been particularly revolutionized by information technology has been shopping. Online shopping today is like a high-speed version of catalog shopping from years gone by. Just like then, we can view items from home, choose what we want, and send the order with payment, receiving our items right at the front door. Only now, instead of taking weeks to go … [Read more...]

How To Start An Online Store From The Comfort Of Your Home

For most moms, starting a business from home has always seemed like a pipe dream. As you’re busy with the kids, keeping up with the house, and any other work that needs to get done, it doesn’t even seem feasible at times to start a business, but rather something of a fantasy. However, with the right strategy in buckling down, not only is this much easier than you might imagine, but the perfect outlet to relieve stress. That’s why today we’re going to walk you through a few steps on how: It … [Read more...]