7 Things To Include In Your First Aid Kit in Case of Emergencies

Whether you are prepared for an emergency or not is irrelevant to one actually happening to you. The unfortunate fact of life is that anything can happen at any time. It is up to you, individually, to make sure that yourself and your loved ones are prepared to handle how you deal with the situation. For many people, preparation for an emergency involves little more than being ready to call the police or an ambulance. While you must be ready to contact the authorities when an emergency happens, … [Read more...]

Summer First Aid Kit Checklist

So your family‚Äôs summer plans are all coming together - vacation, camps, family reunions. Is your first aid kit stocked accordingly? A handful of ailments and injuries are fairly common in the summer and your go-to first aid kit might not be prepared to handle them. They include: Sunburns Ticks Chiggers Infected bug bites Poison ivy/poison oak Splinters Car sickness/sea sickness Other injuries that accompany summer fun like broken bones, … [Read more...]