Seven Useful Tips to Help Keep Your Children Safe During the Flooring Installation Process

If you've had new flooring installed in the past (by yourself or a professional), you're undoubtedly aware of how rewarding the process is. A small initial investment and a bit of time can totally transform a home, and what's more, is that new flooring can also greatly improve the value of a structure. It's hard to argue against something as tremendous-looking, comfortable, and cost-effective as new flooring! However, the aforementioned "bit of time" can seem like an eternity to one … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Rebuilding Your Floors

Since floors are integral to the structural integrity of the house, it is critical that they are well maintained and promptly repaired when you first discover any damage. To rebuild your floors, keep these key steps in mind. They may help you avoid unforeseen, extra work. The steps to rebuilding your floors are included in the three phases for clarity: Floor Inspection, Floor Removal, Installing the new floor. Getting Started Cover All Legal Regulations Before you even open your … [Read more...]