How to Make Teaching Good Nutrition Fun

When you imagined taking care of your kids before they were born, what did you see? You probably pictured them splashing around in the bathtub or riding a bike for the first time. Those memories are unforgettable. Yet there are plenty of other firsts to discover. Once your kids graduate from baby food, it's fun to show them what new stuff tastes like. Licking a lemon slice or chocolate ice cream for the first time guarantees a picture-perfect reaction. However, what happens when they don't … [Read more...]

Benefits of a Food Processor

Most of us have encountered the idea of cooking a nice meal from scratch, but somewhere along the way, it all goes terrible after all the time and effort spent in preparation. Imagine spending ages chopping, slicing, grating, and dicing ingredients for a recipe that looks fantastic but, in reality, is a chunky mess not entirely worth the effort. If you can relate, then it's probably time you invested in a good food processor. You get to enjoy a transformation in the way you go about preparing … [Read more...]

Is Ice Cream Healthy For You?

The popularity of ice cream is undeniable. The smooth and creamy dessert is an American staple, so much so that it is present in 87% of U.S. freezers at any given time. Whether you eat it with a spoon directly out of the carton, share your ice cream with your dog or cat (something one in five of us readily confess), or use it to mark a special occasion, just about all of us enjoy eating ice cream. That begs the question: Is it healthy for you? Should you feel guilty about eating it? Let's … [Read more...]

Why Beef Brisket Is Perfect to Smoke

Almost any type of meat can have the distinctive taste and smell of smoke, even if it’s just a burger or hotdog. But way past the humble burger, beef brisket is one of the finest cuts of meat and the premier cut for smoking. It comes from the best part of an animal, the breast section. Perhaps, like most other things, it used to be a cheap cut to purchase, maybe not as cheap now, but still relatively inexpensive for a big, juicy hefty piece of meat. For the best smoked meat, you’ll have to learn … [Read more...]

Caliente Cooking: Easy Mexican Dishes the Whole Family Can Enjoy!

Making tacos and burritos are simple with a kit, but the healthiest and tastiest Mexican food is homemade. Learn these easy Mexican dishes to spice things up! In 1519, the Spanish discovered the Mexican emperor, Moctezuma, enjoyed slurping a mixture of chocolate of honey. Fast-forward to now and we call them milkshakes. Mexican cuisine has not only gifted us with electrifying spices and dishes but it’s one that can be explored forever. There’s more to Mexico than tacos and … [Read more...]

Halal Catering Basics: Things You Need to Know

Many, especially in the Western world, are still unsure of what constitutes a Halal food. Halal translates to lawful or legal and is, at its most simple, a term that's assigned to any action that's permissible under Islamic law. The term is extended to food to denote all foods that are consumable under Islamic law, much in the same way that the Kashrut indicates what foods a member of the Jewish faith can eat. While the term is used widely throughout Islamic countries to denote any illegal … [Read more...]

Interesting Recipes You Can Make With a Blender

Most people think of a blender as a basic kitchen tool for crushing ice, making drinks and emulsifying various foods. Times have changed. Blenders have evolved and come into their own for all sorts of cooking and baking needs. Imagine preparing one of your favorite recipes or concocting a new one with your blender in mind. A good blender is the perfect companion piece for creating new and interesting recipes.  Here are a few blender recipe ideas that just might guide you down the … [Read more...]

Top 4 Foods to Consider During the Birthday Celebrations for Children

Do you have children that you want to get their devotion by throwing a birthdate celebration for them? Birthday events are essential openings for you to indicate that you cherish and adore them. During these celebrations, you ought to prepare everything, including entertainment, custom cakes, venues, goodie bags, and foodstuffs. Kids are mostly impressed with minor things, especially when they involve the matters of their stomachs.  If the event is a month away, ensure you send your … [Read more...]