How to Pick the Right Products for Your Hair Type

You want your hair to look beautiful, healthy and alive. But how do you know what hair products will work best for you? How many times have you purchased hair care products that sounded (or smelled) fabulous, only to discover that they didn't make your hair look the way you hoped they would? Different hair types require different care and treatments to look their very best. Find your hair type below to see what will work best for you. If your hair is: Fine and Straight Fine hair … [Read more...]

Limitations of Using Body Hair for Scalp Hair Transplants

The problem with androgenetic alopecia, in particular, is it can result in almost total baldness and if a man does not seek treatment quickly enough he may not have enough hair left on his head for transplant. Some scientists have recently maintained that body hair can sometimes be used for hair transplant surgery, but there are several limiting factors that make this very difficult if not impossible for most men. Some limitations include the fact that terminal hair on the body grows … [Read more...]

Andrea C. Da Silva – Hair Heritage And Being The Odd One Out

Meet Andrea C. Da Silva, the Brazilian influencer brought up by German parents making waves in the plus-size movement. As an advocate for body confidence, Andrea knows what the challenge of complying with society’s standards of “beauty” is like, and as a foreigner brought up in a small town in Germany, she knows what it’s like to stand out – particularly because of her hair. Andrea struggled to accept her hair type growing up because she was mainly surrounded by blonds with straight hair – … [Read more...]

Top Hair Color Trends In 2019

2018 is gone now. It was a great year for hair as our favorite celebrities and friends rocked different hair looks. Hair Colors seemed to be quite trendy last year with more people getting more daring with their colour choices. Now we are knee-deep in the new year and we cannot quite make out what would look great this year and what would not. There is very little reason to worry because in this article we will be showing you 18 hair color trends that you should rock this 2019 to keep you one … [Read more...]

Why People Choose Laser Hair Removal Utica NY

There are a lot of ways to get rid of unwanted hair—plucking, shaving, and waxing. These options are probably the most common and widely used by both men and women to address their hair concerns. However, laser hair removal is taking the hair removal world by storm, gaining popularity and a lot of good reviews about the treatment. This is how it works and here are the reasons why people are choosing laser hair removal over other methods:    It’s pain-free Some men and … [Read more...]

Want Great Hair Growth? Find Out The Right Food For It!

It goes without saying that long, strong and shiny hair is everyone’s desire. However, unless you are blessed with great genes, this desire remains unfulfilled for many. Besides keeping your scalp healthy, t is also crucial to pay attention to your diet. Be it dry, frizzy, silky, or smooth- the texture of your hair indicates your inner health conditions. The following best Indian foods for hair growth must be included in your daily diet - Eggs- your hair is made up of a tough protein called … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Correctly Use A Hot Air Brush

In our daily lives of rush-hour hustle and bustle, who really does have the time to go and spend hours at a salon to prep something as consequential as your hair? But just because life isn’t perfect that shouldn’t mean that your hair can’t be perfect! And what better way to style your hair into either a sleek bob or a curly afro than to use a hot air brush? Here are 5 important tips to use your hot air brush to give you instant salon-styled hair at home without any hassle: Heat Them … [Read more...]

Guidelines When Buying Real Human Hair Wigs

There are different kinds of wigs available in the market today, synthetic wigs, real human hair wigs and combination of both. Although real hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic, it is still the most popular choice because of its versatility. You can style it anyway you want, beachy waves, curls, bun, or ponytail. Having it on is almost the same as having your own hair. To add, this kind of wig lasts a lot longer than synthetic or combination of both. Guidelines When Buying Real … [Read more...]