6 Ways To Ease Pregnancy Discomfort

Carrying a child is a truly wonderful thing, but it can also be a bit of a trial. From back pain to achy feet, there are so many small things that can cause you discomfort during this period. 1. Take a quick swim Needless to say, weight gain is a natural part of pregnancy and there’s not much that you can do about that. However, the added weight can stress your joints and pull muscles and tendons to their limits. One of the easiest things that you can do to ease that pain and discomfort is … [Read more...]

Vaping and Breastfeeding- Everything We Need To Know

Currently, there is no sufficient evidence to prove that the presence of nicotine in the breast milk can lead to severe damage to the health of a baby. However, most breastfeeding women that want to enjoy their daily dose of nicotine are still concerned about the possible presence of nicotine in their breast milk. This article focuses on revealing a real connection between vaping and breastfeeding. How Long Does It Take for Nicotine to Get Out of Breast Milk? The level of nicotine in the … [Read more...]

5 Satisfying Reasons Why Your Body Needs CLA Safflower Oil

Safflower oil is originally from a plant. Just like sunflower oil, the safflower plant produces seeds that are processed to different types of oils. The safflower oils come in many variations depending on the intended objective. You have come across different types of oils. They vary depending on the use they are meant for. We have different types of oils meant for different uses; from cooking, hair, skin, and even machine appliances. Safflower oils differ in prices. This price variance comes in … [Read more...]

How to Stress Less and Enjoy Life More

The most stressful thing I have ever done is to become a parent. I stressed about everything, but then I heard about the concept of the good enough mother, a concept coined by Donald Winnicott in 1953. This idea that good enough was all I had to be took a great burden off my shoulders. That started me on a journey to stress less and enjoy life more. A lot of modern advice about how to stress less actually causes more stress. There is a laundry list of what you need to do to be less stressed. … [Read more...]

5 Effective Tips For Postpartum Weight Loss

While experiencing pregnancy and giving birth to a baby is beautiful, it changes the posture and women’s body drastically. Although others might not think that, living with the postpartum body is such a struggle. Especially when you had undergone C-section, your tummy seems to be cramping and aching all the time for weeks and even after that. However, that is not eternal.   Pregnancy changes your whole body that doesn’t mean that you have to live with that body throughout your life. It is … [Read more...]

The Top Natural Supplements for Busy Parents

Parents lead extremely busy lives. The commitment to raising a child and providing for its future weighs heavily on the thoughts and actions of moms and dads. The stress and anxiety of parenting will eventually wear you down. Sleepless nights, medical responsibilities, and chores chew away at energy levels, leaving you exhausted at the end of the day. Fortunately, some supplements improve your energy levels and feeling of well-being. While no supplement can replace a nutritious diet, they … [Read more...]

Helping Our Kids Cope with Stress at School

Stress is not exactly all that harmful. It teaches us emotional resilience in the face of challenges that may seem difficult at face value, but are actually just obstacles that need all our skills to solve. However, too much of stress will harm our health in ways that may be irreparable.  So if that’s the case for adults, how much more if the kids are under excessive stress? Stress at school is increasingly becoming unmanageable  The pressures of performing well and being active in … [Read more...]

From Top to Toe Health Benefits of Tomato

Does the question “Is tomato a fruit or a vegetable?” still leave you head-scratching? Oxford says a tomato is developed from the ovary in the base of the flower and contains the seeds of the plant, making it a fruit, scientifically speaking. On the other hand, Britannica declares it as both vegetable and fruit, botanically speaking. Tomatoes contain key carotenoids like lutein and lycopene that promote good eyesight; vitamin C, beta carotene and other antioxidants which decrease the … [Read more...]