5 Natural Headache Remedies for Moms

Sure, screaming children and stressful work situations could be the source of your frequent headaches, but did you know that common headache triggers also include: Lack of sleep Eye strain Fatigue Dehydration Hormones Constipation Low blood sugar Allergies Muscle tension Nutritional deficiencies While popping a quick over-the-counter painkiller may seem like the easiest route for addressing your headache, you could be … [Read more...]

Quick Guide to Managing a Pinched Nerve

Is a crick in your neck generating radiating pain, tingling, and frequent numbness in your body? You may have a pinched nerve. Oftentimes more painful than a simple muscle strain, a pinched nerve can go so far as to limit physical functioning and disrupt normal daily living. Don’t miss this quick guide to pinched nerves: How Does a Nerve Get Pinched? Essentially, when the tissues surrounding a nerve (like muscles, tendons, cartilage, and bones) put too much pressure on a nerve, it can alter … [Read more...]

Best Dental Care Tips For Toddlers

There’s hardly a person who does not feel nervous during a dental appointment. The experience can be excruciating if your toddler is sitting on the dentist’s chair with a bad toothache. However, periodic checkups are as important for the younger lot as they are for adult. As a parent, you should follow the thumb rule of twice a year visits and even more, if there is need. Besides introducing them to professional care, there is a lot more that parents should do to ensure that the toddlers grow up … [Read more...]

7 Foot Care Tips for Busy Moms

Does the arrival of warmer temperatures and longer days have you breaking out your favorite sandals? While spring and summer shoes can be fun and add a little flare to your everyday outfit as a mom, they’re not always the most functional and supportive. Take care of your feet as sunnier days arrive with these helpful tips for busy moms: Exfoliate As a Mom, you spend tons of time on your feet. Chances are a callus or two has formed, not to mention layers of scaly, dead skin that could do with a … [Read more...]

Why You Need a Massage (and 10 Ways to Save on One)

Is the stress and toil of motherhood taking its toll on your body? From long hours sitting in the car transporting kids all over the place to heavy lifting, little time for exercise, and common back pain mistakes, moms experience body wear and tear more than most. A massage probably sounds like a super relaxing idea right about now. In addition to feeling incredible, a good massage offers loads of health and wellness benefits moms love including: Stress reduction - not only does a good massage … [Read more...]

Leaving Your Baby for the First Time? Here are Five Tips for Dealing with Separation Anxiety

The first time you leave your child with a nanny or babysitter can be incredibly stressful. But, don’t let your anxiety or feelings of guilt keep you chained to the house. It’s important for you to take time away, not just for your wellbeing, but for your baby’s development. By leaving them alone, you’re increasing your baby’s likelihood of growing up to be an independent, well-adjusted child. Keep these tips in mind to help you keep separation anxiety at bay and feel more confident leaving … [Read more...]

The 6 Habits of Healthy Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a time to ensure the body has the necessary conditions and resources to facilitate optimal development and growth of the fetus. From the first moment that your pregnancy test has shown a positive result, you need to be making lifestyle choices that benefit you and your baby. Life at this stage is very delicate, and it's important that we provide the best living environment to achieve the best results. An important part of this is making informed decisions as a parent to-be. More so, … [Read more...]

Tips To Spice Up Your Morning Walks

Walking is one of the most common physical activities for adults. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), six out of 10 adults walk for fun, exercise or transportation. Even people with health problems like arthritis or hypertension enjoy walking as part of their daily exercise. Research has shown that women who are physically active in their midlife have exceptional health status when they reach the age of 70. Considering that women are more prone to osteoporosis and … [Read more...]