Helpful Tips to Keep Your Home’s Exterior Clean

Did you know that you make a judgement about someone within one tenth of a second? While it may take a bit longer when someone sees your house, judgments happen quickly. Unfortunately, once that first impression is made, changing it is extremely challenging. The fact is, curb appeal is important – regardless of if you are selling your home or not. If you have noticed the outside of your home is dirty, grungy or needs a bit of maintenance – now is the time to act. Use the tips here to ensure … [Read more...]

It’s a Bed, It’s a Footstool, It’s an Empire! Ottomans Explained

A simple search on Google about ‘Ottomans’ will mostly show you facts about the famous Turkish Empire. These are all good-to-know facts, besides you wouldn’t know when your kids will start asking about World History, so you’ll at least know a thing or two about the Ottoman Empire. But it’s not exactly what you need to know at the moment, right? What you want is to know what ottomans, the furniture, are. Is it a couch, a foot stool, a table? So to save you from your search woes, here’s a quick … [Read more...]

Using Lightning To Bring a Bright Touch To Interior Decor

If you use lighting in the right way it can create a fresh new look for the interior of your home. You can make a room look more spacious, and get rid of gloomy corners, just by using well-chosen light fixtures. There are many different styles of lighting to choose from, so you should be able to find a solution that is the right fit for your home interior. Swapping out the light fixtures may be something that you can do yourself. You just need to make sure that the electricity is switched … [Read more...]

3 Perfect Home Decor Pieces to Add Some Spice to Your Room Color

Color is such an important aspect of decorating, perhaps more than any other choice you’ll have to make when you craft a design. Not only will color give you the visual flair that you’re looking for to perfectly express your own personality, but it’s important to make an emotional connection with others. We often associate colors with particular feelings or moods. Selecting the right colors to conjure a particular state of mind goes a long way towards separating a room that’s just okay, from … [Read more...]

Looking for the Best Interior Designer Company in Singapore? Consider this Checklist

It is your home that speaks enough about the homeowner's personality and style, and there cannot be a better way than custom designing it through an expert. Today many interior design companies use the creativity magic coupled with excellent craftsmanship to help you reside in a place which draws compliments. Tips to Consider Follow these tips sincerely in order to get an interior design company in Singapore of your choice, Pick the Right Style- Every designer will create a different … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Cozy

Having a warm and cozy bedroom to retire to is heaven. When your nerves are frayed and you need some “me time” being able to pop upstairs and get away from everyone is fantastic. After an hour or two, you will feel refreshed and are able to get back on track. Fortunately, creating a warm and cozy retreat bedroom is not hard to do. As you will see, it is even possible to do it on an extremely tight budget. Update your bedding The first place to start is your bed. If you can afford to do … [Read more...]

5 Decorating Tips for a Small Kitchen

People always think that bigger is better. Nevertheless, for a kitchen, this is not always the case and a small kitchen can be spacious and well designed. A small kitchen can have a smart layout, maximized efficiency, witty storage solutions, and a pleasing character. All you need are some tips on how to decorate your kitchen to make it organized, functional, and aesthetically appealing. Below are tips for decorating your small kitchen to spice it up. 1. Add Lighting A dark kitchen is … [Read more...]

5 Things You Can Do To Give Your Bedroom a New Look

Bedrooms are typically the most cozy corner of a house. This is the room where we sleep and hence spend a large part of our day. However, just because you use it to sleep this doesn’t mean that your bedroom should look dull. To help you give your bedroom a unique look, given below are some great tips. Repaint Your Room Consider getting the room painted again, especially if it has been years since you got it painted. Most quality paint lasts for about five years and can be extended … [Read more...]