What Is Spring Thaw and Why Should You Be Worried About It?

On the one hand, spring thaw is a relief from the long months of slick roads and frigid weather. It’s time to bring out the BBQS, hire up the electric smokers (check out some of these new awesome electric smokers) and get ready to entertain in the backyard! On the other, it’s also a serious cause for concern. Rapidly melting snow paired with heavy rainfall can create a flood risk. If your house isn’t prepared for the seasonal phenomenon, you could be risking a drenched basement or a host of … [Read more...]

Choosing The Best Blinds For Your Living Room

Choosing blinds for your living room windows may seem obvious but getting it right is crucial. Not only do they control the flow of light into one of the highest activity rooms, but it can also add value to your home. Modern times have meant our lives are busy and even stressful, so having a sanctuary at home to relax such as your living room, is of the utmost importance. Here are some tips to help you choose the best blinds for your living area. For large spaces, go vertical If … [Read more...]

What to Do When Your A/C Breaks in High Summer

In the middle of summer, it’s your biggest fear: a broken air conditioner. When temperatures rise, you rely on your HVAC to keep the house a cool and comfortable place for the whole family, so when an A/C goes down — especially for an unknown and unforeseen reason — chaos is likely to ensue. It’s best to have an action plan in place in case your A/C does crash during the hottest months of the year. This guide should help you craft your response, so you can get cooler faster. Try to … [Read more...]

Simple Boiler Maintenance Checklist – Keep Your Family Happy with a Happy Boiler

Keeping a family happy depends on so many variables that it can be difficult to keep track of everything, at all times. However, mothers rarely think about the functionality of their boiler equipment. A properly maintained boiler will translate into lower energy expenses. In the long run, keeping a close eye on your boiler will save your family plenty of money. Regular check-ups will let you minimize operating and energy costs. They will also prologue your equipment’s lifespan and improve your … [Read more...]

Your Guide to Hiring NYC Movers in Manhattan

Congratulations! You visiting this article tell me one thing: You’re moving out soon. Whether it’s because of work-related reasons or you simply want to move into a new neighborhood, the fact of the matter is that you’re welcoming a pretty awesome change in your life. Moving to another place allows you to have a fresh new start – at nearly everything. You get to meet new faces, gain new friends, experience new things, and enjoy new pleasures. Everything, in short, is a dose … [Read more...]

Decorating in Style: 9 Timeless Bathroom Trends That Will Never Go out of Season

Need to spruce up the overall look of your home’s bathroom, but can’t quite find the right evergreen design to bank on? Well, whether you go for something clean, cool and crisp or a timeless, retro or vintage-inspired bathroom trend, just be sure to choose something that will never lose its charm. Invest in timeless bathroom design and you will never get bored spending time inside there. There is a whole world of trends and ideas and, depending on your budget, preferences, and size of … [Read more...]

Proper Furniture Placement: Making Your Home Ready for Guests

Having an event at your home can either be a stressful task to prepare for or a delight to do with a couple of friends. Hosting at your home is an excellent way to welcome your business partners or your loved ones by also giving yourself the opportunity to take them on a tour of your abode. If you haven’t started yet on your home preparations, here are some important notes to consider before you start rearranging your home to be ready for guests. Pre-event preparations Though you have … [Read more...]

Why Do You Need Concrete Floor Coating For Your Home?

Slowly but surely Concrete Floor Coating has made its way into the household and everyone is realizing the advantages that come with it. The coating really helps in protecting the floor from deterioration, contamination and other kinds of damage. It is better to spend a little extra after a flood is built than to spend thousands more every few years. Advantages of floor coatings: Increases longevity of the floors: Coatings will make your floor last longer. Concrete floors are … [Read more...]