Tips For Hunting Deer Successfully

If you have your heart set on a downing deer this hunting season, there are some simple steps you can take to improve your chances of a successful hunt—and a full freezer. Cover Your Scent Eliminate any body odor that you may have. Deer will pick up on your scent and stay away from you. Do not have any scents from your bodywash, deodorant, hair-care products, or anything else that you normally put on your body the day before and day of your hunting session. Let your hunting clothes be … [Read more...]

A Hunter’s Hunting Style

Hunting is more of an art that it is just a sport or hobby. There are currently, dozens of different hunting methods and styles, one of the popular forms being hunting with guns. However, there are rules and regulations for all the types and hunting styles differ from hunter to hunter. Here is a general introduction to some of the more common hunting styles. Guns When hunting for big or small game, hunters have a variety of tools at their helm. Some use shotguns, others handguns and the vast … [Read more...]