Things to Consider When Searching For Medicare Coverage

If you’re about to turn 65, you’re probably aware that Medicare is going to be your primary insurer. The process of shopping and enrolling for the right Medicare cover can be a challenging endeavor. Making sense of Medicare will require that you do thorough research on the right coverage for your condition. You may have to think about Humana Medicare Supplement Plans if your Medicare coverage is limiting when it comes to your specific condition. Here are some factors that you need to put … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editors: I Was Hit By an Uninsured Driver – Now What?

In the downtown area of my college’s town, people are known to drive recklessly and sometimes even while drunk. It’s not unheard of for fender-benders to happen. For the past three years, I’ve lived here, I’ve managed to avoid getting in one myself. Unfortunately, a stroke of bad luck hit me recently and I was in a collision that left my car pretty much totaled. I’m grateful to be alive and (mostly) unharmed, but when I learned that the other driver, another student, wasn’t insured, it … [Read more...]

5 Basic Insurance Policies Everyone Should Have

When it comes to insurance policies, the industry is much larger than you probably suspect. Think about something of value in your life. Chances are, there are a whole host of insurers out there just looking to snap up your business. However, depending on how much you’ve invested and how much certain assets are worth, you might not need some of the more complex insurance policies just because aspects of them apply to you. Here are some of the basic insurance policies that everyone should have. … [Read more...]

Do You Really Need Life Insurance Over 60?

It is easy to start to think of life insurance as a bit of a waste of money as we get older. We paid the premiums when we were younger to protect our families and ensure they were looked after should the worst happen. When you are older and your family can look after themselves, is it really necessary to keep on paying life insurance premiums? Everyone has different circumstances so it is impossible to give a definite answer but the guide below should help you think about your specific … [Read more...]

Facts about Life Insurance

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, and is always a good time to think about if your life insurance policies you own, match your needs.  Or if you don’t have life insurance, maybe it’s a good time to begin thinking about taking out a policy.  Life insurance companies and products have evolved over time, and perhaps you have some misconceptions about life Insurance in general. Who owns life insurance? Most adults own life insurance; 3 in 5 consumers (59 percent) own some type of … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle

If you saw my post earlier this week about Spring Cleaning the outside of your home, you will probably like this post.  Today I will be talking about cleaning your car.  If you are spring cleaning, you might as well do your car as well!  I know I always feel better when my car is clean and ready to go for warmer weather.  Here are a few tips of things you can do to prepare for warmer days so you can roll that window down and enjoy yourself during rides: De-clutter your car - The first step, … [Read more...]