DIY Savings Jar for Kids

Kids are heading back to school and with that they are going to want want lunch money, pretzel money, fair money, and so on. With this, it becomes a great time to allow your children to save. Sometimes I find that I give my son money for school functions and extras but he often has change. This becomes a great time to teach him the value of a dollar. Allowing him to save the change so that when pretzel day or dress down day comes around he can use money from his savings. Or I can even have him … [Read more...]

How to Prepare Your Child for an Overnight

As a parent, you will watch your child enter and exit many big milestones in their lives. From lifting their heads up for the first time, to crawling, and eventually, walking – seeing our children grow and become individuals is an experience like no other. When your child gets their first invitation to a sleepover, it is both thrilling and a little scary. With some encouragement and a lot of love, you can help make your child feel more comfortable to traverse from play-dates to … [Read more...]

Good Tips Tuesday Link-Up Party #128 – 5 How To’s For Summer Fun #GTTuesday

Welcome to week # of Good Tips Tuesday! Today we're sharing 5 how-to's for summer fun! These are some great ideas for trying different things during summer vacation! How to teach your kid to ride a bike How to do laundry- tips for teens How to play badminton How to have a restful summer vacation How to make your own ginger syrup We want this to be a resource for you to find Good Tips for your life, home, kids and everything in between! So what kinds of posts are you able to link up … [Read more...]

3 Potty Training Tips #TrainTogether

Potty training is not easy by any means. It is a trying time for both parents and child, but it is possible. Today I am sharing some potty training tricks that I am learning that work well. Patience. It really is a virtue. Sometimes children can pick up going on the potty super fast. Some take more time. Take cues from your child to see which they are. I promise, your son or daughter will be going exclusively on the potty before you know it. Timing. You can tell when it is time to start … [Read more...]

Good Tips Tuesday Link-Up Party #126: 6 Fun and Educational Summer Activities For Kids

Welcome to week # of Good Tips Tuesday! Today I am sharing 6 fun and educational summer activities that are great for while the kids are off school. This is a mix of educational and fun. I hope that you and your children enjoy them! How To Make a Ring Toss Game Using Empty Bottles from Real Advice Gal Teddy Bear Writing Prompts from The Homeschool Village Explore Nature During Your Travels from Word Traveling 10 Flower and Garden Themed Snacks from Something 2 Offer If You Give a … [Read more...]

Kidpik Unboxing and Review

Disclosure: I was given a Kidpik box for free in exchange for my honest review. There are a lot of subscription boxes out there. Crafts, food, beverage, and more. Kidpik is a new kid's fashion box that Riley and I are absolutely loving! Kidpik is designed exclusively for girls ages 4-14 and is perfect if you are on a budget. There is no styling fee nor is there any membership fee. You receive a box of clothes that are tailed to your daughter's likes, pick what you want to keep, and send the … [Read more...]

10 Fun Activities Your Child Needs To Be Doing This Summer!

The summer break is a long time off school, and it can be hard to entertain your children for weeks on end. It’s a good idea to get them involved in activities where they can learn new skills, and make friends. It could either be by doing it at home or by sending them to a class. It means they may find something they want to carry on doing after the holidays. And it’s a great way of building their confidence, as well as keeping them busy during the summer break. Here are ten fun ideas to get you … [Read more...]

My Interview With Mia Hamm & LeapFrog LeapBand Giveaway! #FitMadeFun

Disclosure: I am receiving free product in exchange for my post.  All opinions, as always, are 100% my own! If you follow me on Facebook, a couple of weeks ago you probably saw that I got to do something pretty cool - interview retired soccer star Mia Hamm!  The occasion for this was her involvement with Fit Made Fun Day with LeapFrog on September 6th.  This fun day on September 6th in Los Angeles was an exciting event where parents and children got to come and help break some records!  Check … [Read more...]