5 Ways To Settle A Divorce Outside Of Court

Separation or Divorce at times may have to be executed through court if you fail to negotiate on important matters with your spouse. Although it’s a good thing to settle all divorce matters out of court, many individuals have to go through court-based proceedings and hire the services of a lawyer to settle matters properly. Obviously, in such matters it is hard to discuss things amiably with your Ex. Today, I will present you a few tips that will make you learn the art of negotiation with your … [Read more...]

Good Tips Tuesday Link-Up Party #132 – Great Tips For Marriage #GTTuesday

Welcome to week #132 of Good Tips Tuesday! Today we are sharing some tips for a great marriage! Do you have any to add? Comment below! 17 Things I’ve Learned from 17 Years of Marriage from Homeschool Your Boys 12 Habits of a Happy Marriage from Successful Homemakers 5 Steps for an Intercultural Relationship from The Almost Indian Wife 5 Signs Your Marriage is in Trouble from The Vibrant Family 10 Ways to Keep the Spark in Your Marriage from Life at the Table Is Homeschool Strengthening … [Read more...]