How Can You Tell If It’s Time to Change Your Bed?

Our bed is where we spend several hours to recharge our bodies after a very long day of hectic activities at work or school. It is but fitting to own a bed that will provide us with the comfort, relaxation and support that we require in order to wake up in the morning refreshed and well rested. Stanley furniture beds can last a long time if we take good care of them. But time will come when we have to change our bed for a new one. How can we tell if it’s time to go shopping for a new … [Read more...]

A Guide to the Different Types Of Mattresses

When you buy a new mattress, you might be overwhelmed with the different types that are available.  These different mattresses can be broken down into three types of spring, latex and memory foam. It is best to know more about each type before you buy. Take a look at Beautyrest recharge mattress reviews to start your mattress shopping. Spring Mattresses The spring mattress is the traditional type and the one that … [Read more...]

5 Reasons You Should Go For A Firm Mattress

Before now, people used to be more interested in how beautiful their furniture looks. Now, times have changed. People have come to realize that health matters more than any other thing. So when he comes to choosing a mattress, there is this particular interest in making sure that the mattress will allow you get quality sleep. No one cares about getting a beautiful mattress that will end up causing them body pains. With this in mind, people are more interested in getting firm mattresses. If you … [Read more...]

Debunking Myths To Decide if the Time is Right to Buy a Mattress For Replacement or Upgrade

If you remain firm not to replace your mattress before 7-10 years which is the average recommended life of mattresses, then you are highly mistaken. The mattress might lose its properties of providing good support and comfort quite early, and you do not enjoy sleeping on it anymore. Similarly, you might be tossing and turning while sleeping on the mattress and you think that mattress replacement is necessary. However, this might not always be true as many such ideas are nothing but myths. You … [Read more...]

Can a Mattress Topper Improve the Quality of Your Mattress?

Good question: can a mattress topper improve the quality of your mattress? Simply put, no! But it can modify it. A mattress topper can add life to an old mattress. It can also add softness to a hard mattress, or firm up a soft mattress. Most people buy a mattress topper to make their bed more comfortable and improve their quality of sleep. Mattress Topper or Mattress Pad? Many people get confused by the terms mattress topper and mattress pad. A mattress pad is thinner than a topper and is … [Read more...]

Learn About the Different Types of Coupons Before Buying a Mattress

People are used to spending a major part of their lives on their bed. On an average, in a lifetime, a human being spends 33 years on the bed, out of which 26 years are spent on sleeping and 7 years on trying to get some sleep as per the statistics provided by So you can very well imagine the importance of a good mattress and sound sleep at night. Adequate sleep is essential as it improves overall well-being both physical and emotional; it boosts your immunity and … [Read more...]

Why Is It So Important To Choose The Right Mattress?

There are lots of blogs and online guides discussing the importance of mattresses. However, if you’re a just a person wanting to buy a new mattress, you probably don’t realize what’s the fuss all about. Unlike some other pieces of furniture, the bed is the place where we spend most of our time. It is especially important as it allows us to recharge our batteries and regain our strength. I don’t even have to emphasize how important good night sleep is. With all that in mind, the mattress is … [Read more...]

Top 8 Tips for Buying a Mattress Online

The human species, depending on the culture, spends an average of between 6 and 12 hours per day sleeping.  For most people, this amount equals roughly one-third of your entire life, spent in your bed!   Since this is literally the place where we spend the most solid time, isn’t it important to be comfortable here?   If you’re not, it’s time to make vital changes for a better night’s sleep, and you can start with choosing a new mattress. For decades, consumers have chosen their mattresses in … [Read more...]