How to Handle Your Teen’s Depression

Depression can strike at any age. When it strikes your teenager, it can be difficult to deal with constructively. Your child is not a toddler anymore and you can't simply swoop in and make it all better. Parenting a teen with depression means learning to take a supportive role in your child's life while helping them maintain healthy boundaries.  Here’s how to do it: Don’t be afraid to talk to them about it In order to support your teen, you can’t treat their depression like the … [Read more...]

Addiction: How to Handle a Loved One Who Doesn’t Want Help

There’s nothing as painful as watching a loved one suffer, especially when you know they could get better if they just got help. Unfortunately, unless they ask for help themselves, no amount of coaxing will get them clean. Even when it comes from a place of love, there may be things you’re unknowingly doing to enable this person to remain in their situation. Sometimes instead of trying so hard, you may consider taking a step back to let them work through the issue in their own way. In the … [Read more...]

Combating Big-City Stress in New York City

New York City is a thrilling place to live in. It's a great place to explore. It's an excellent place to build a career. It's a wonderful place to grow up or to grow old in. But it's also very, very stressful. Life isn't always easy in New York. With huge crowds, a semi-functional subway system, a high-stakes professional scene, and precious little room for privacy, New York City can really wear you down. But don't worry: here is your guide to battling stress in the big city. New York … [Read more...]

How To Cope When Life Throws You a Curveball

Whether it’s a breakup or divorce, the death of a loved one, or a frightening medical diagnosis, no-one is exempt from suffering traumas and tragedies in their journey through life. Sometimes, finding the strength to keep going when it feels like your whole world has been turned upside down seems impossible, but go on we must. Here we’ve gathered some advice from counselors, therapists and mental health experts which may help you and your loved ones cope in dark times. Acknowledge your … [Read more...]

Confronting Painful Emotions and Being Able to Deal with Grief – Steps To Take

Within our hearts, we always know that death is an inseparable part of our lives and it is due to death that we can understand how precious our life is. Grieving the loss of someone loved is a huge challenge like no other. What are the ways in which you can heal your emotional wounds and come to terms with the loss that you face? When you think of the memories that you shared with that person, don’t you find it tough to imagine a life without that person? Doctors, especially oncologists see … [Read more...]

Drug-Free Ways To Better Mental Health

A lot of people experience mental health problems at one time or another, and for some, they can be chronic problems they feel they are in a constant battle with throughout their lives. While in some cases medication is the best solution, not everyone likes the idea of being reliant on pills to control their conditions, and others find the side effects hard to live with – especially when first starting on a new course of treatment. For some people and for some common mental health issues like … [Read more...]