So my mom's doctor/surgeon sent my mom's file and information to a doctor at Cleveland Clinic.  That doctor looked over it, and guess what he said?  "Let the poor girl heal."  Apparently they've been doing unnecessary procedures and just not letting my mom's body health itself.  How ridiculous?  I am not happy with that hospital/doctor at all!  It's ridiculous! My parents should definitely look into possibly seeing what a lawyer has to say about all this.  This is just outrageous.  All the … [Read more...]

Tuesday Afternoon Update

They figured out why my mom is losing blood - apparently when they went to put the stent in to stop the bleeding where the surgery was done, they put the stent in the wrong place.  Like, really?  Needless to say, we're not very happy.  We haven't heard anything about what they're going to do because they didn't put a stent where it was supposed to go while they had her under last night.  They just took the stent out.  I'm going up to see my mom and dad after I drop Miles off at work, so … [Read more...]


My dad just called me.  He should be getting released tomorrow, as long as nothing happens.  My mom, on the other hand... they did an exploratory procedure today at 5pm to try and figure out where she's losing blood.  She's had about 8 transfusions in the past 4 days because they have no idea where she's losing it from.  My dad called down to her nurse, and the nurse hadn't heard anything from the 4 doctors that are trying to figure out mom's case.  So we don't know if they figured anything out. … [Read more...]

Update On My Mom and Now My Dad

Well... you know how my mom is in the hospital?  Well, she's still there.  This Tuesday it will be a month since she's been in.  :(  The past 3 days she's had to have 5 blood transfusions because she's losing blood and they don't even know where from.  They're going to do some procedure tomorrow to hopefully figure out what's going on.  So please keep her in your prayers. And if that isn't all enough, my dad is now in the hospital as well.  Today I got him out of the hospital and we went to … [Read more...]

Mom is Now in ICU

Hello, everybody.  Well, to update you on my mom, she is now in Intensive Care Unit.  My dad gave me a call yesterday afternoon saying that she is having trouble breathing and her pneumonia is back so they put her in ICU.  We weren't planning on going up to visit because we figured she wanted to rest, but she had been asking about us, so we went up to visit yesterday.  She looked so bad when we got there.  But once we left she looked a little bit better - her breathing wasn't as labored and she … [Read more...]

Details of Mom’s Diverticulum Surgery 7/23

Well yesterday was one of the longest and most stressful days ever.  Mom got taken back for her surgery at 7am.  And thus began the waiting.  We got an update around 10am saying that they weren't able to do everything with the robot like they wanted to (if you recall me talking about this in my last update) so they had to make a 6-8 inch incision on the side of her chest.  That's going to suck because she's going to have a longer recovery time because of such a long incision.  That was all the … [Read more...]

Update On My Mom – Diverticulum

I know I've been very absent and haven't posted a real update on how life is going.  Things have been super crazy, with my daughter keeping me busy and then my mom in the hospital and what-not.  I figured I would give you all an update on my mom and possibly ask for a favor. Well, if you recall to my first/last update about my mom being in the hospital, the doctors thought she had a hiatal hernia.  Well, that's not the case.  What she has is a diverticulum.  Here is the definition of … [Read more...]

My Mom Has a Hiatal Hernia – Please Pray

The picture above is of my mom and Riley last week while we were visiting.  Well, the past 2 months or so my mom has been having issues with acid reflux and heartburn.  She hasn't been able to keep any of her food down.  She's lost over 50 pounds because of it - she weighs less than me!  She went to the doctor last month and she put her on some medicine for acid reflux and wanted her to get a colonoscopy done, along with having a scope put down her esophagus to check it out.  Well, she isn't … [Read more...]